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Prohormones – action, pros and cons of use, origin, the use in sports, what after the intake cycle?

Prohormones – action, pros and cons of use, origin, the use in sports, what after the intake cycle?

Prohormones are widely used in the sports world. Prohormones are extremely important and genuinely useful. No wonder that there has been a dispute in the world of sport and bodybuilding once, whether it is better to take anabolic steroids or prohormones.

How do prohormones work?

The clearest way to describe the action of prohormones is to describe them as stimulating and supplementing. They are the reason why natural hormones present in the human body are more effective. Their action can be compared to that of proinsulin, which is used when we want to stimulate the insulin already present in the body.

So the action of the prohormones is simple – however, it should be remembered that unlike steroids, they do not add anything to the body by themselves – no new hormones. They only affect what exists in the body already.

The advantages of using prohormones

The enormous benefit of prohormones is that, unlike anabolic steroids, they are still legal and can be bought in the store. Although as early as 2004 in the USA, George W. Bush signed an amendment to the Act known as the Anabolic Steroid Control Act that mentions prohormone-type supplements. Nevertheless, this act had so many loopholes that the producers of prohormones can still offer them to their customers even in the United States. As far as Europe is concerned, the prohormones excluding DHEA (which has the status of a drug) are legal and are not affected by major restrictions. It is worth knowing, however, that each European country has its own rules – and the most restrictive of these apply in Germany and the UK.

Of course, not only the legal status is the advantage of using prohormones. First of all, if you use prohormones, you can expect them to turn into anabolic hormones within your body, which in turn will increase the levels of hormones existing in your body. You can thus increase the level of testosterone in your body, which is essential for both the formation of muscles and the burning of fat.

The disadvantages of using prohormones

Of course, like everything else, prohormones can also cause side effects. First of all, there are all sorts of skin changes that can be observed. So you can expect acne on your body, or your hair may start to fall out – and even lead to complete alopecia. Moreover, those who take prohormones can also expect an enlarged chest, and may also experience liver problems where prohormones are metabolized. In addition, you should also not take these substances for too long because your body can stop producing testosterone naturally. The human body quickly gets used to good compounds supplied from outside.

Due to their side effects, prohormones are not recommended for use by people under 25 years of age, as the endocrine is still evolving by that time. Moreover, the prohormones contain male hormones, therefore these substances are not recommended for use by women.

Where do the prohormones come from?

The prohormones used in sports were introduced to the world in 1996 by American amateur bodybuilder Patrick Arnold, who was a qualified chemist. It was thanks to him that a synthetic variety of testosterone emerged on the market. However, it is worth knowing that the original definition of prohormones had nothing to do with sports supplementation! The term appeared in medicine and biology as early as the 1950s.

What is the use of prohormones in sports?

When it comes to the prohormones used in sports, they are mostly used as dietary supplements. They are usually taken when a lot of muscle mass and a small percentage of fat is needed. Prohormones will work great in all kinds of endurance sports. Obviously, they are also popular among bodybuilders, especially those who are training for competitions. Many prohormones increase muscle strength and keep it stable for a long time. The prohormones also prevent the loss of muscle mass.

What happens after the prohormones intake cycle?

However, as already mentioned in the negatives of taking prohormones, if you supplement them too long, your body may stop producing testosterone naturally. Therefore, the prohormones intake cycle should last for a maximum of two weeks, after which there should be a longer break of up to four weeks! It is also worth mentioning that a well-balanced diet is also essential if you want the results of using prohormones to be the most effective.


Prohormones, like any other substance, should not be used recklessly. Each body is different, so everyone will react to these specifics differently. Fortunately, by choosing the products of reliable companies, you can be sure that you will avoid the side effects caused by the low quality of the product. Nevertheless, before you decide on such a supplement, please contact your doctor and check the hormone levels in your body. This will give you peace of mind.






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