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The best fat burners of 2020

The best fat burners of 2020


If you play sports or are interested in bodybuilding, you are well aware that not only muscles matter. The percentage of body fat in your body is also important. Unfortunately, going below a certain percentage of body fat on your own is very difficult and time-consuming, so it is worth supporting yourself with some appropriate supplements. Fortunately, there are many specifics of this kind, so you can easily find some products on the market that work in a truly spectacular way. Here is our ranking of the top five fat burners.

First place

Stimerex Hardcore DMHA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Among the currently produced supplements, this particular one has the best and strongest effect. How does it work? It converts fat into heat energy, so you will not only get rid of fat tissue, but you will also get a boost of energy whenever you take it. The ingredients include green tea extract, DMHA, Ephedra, Naringen or yohimbine HCI. With such a recipe, it’s definitely worth a try!

Second place

ECA KO by Submission Science. A unique specific that allows you to burn even the most stubborn adipose tissue. In addition, it adds a lot of energy and willingness to act, which is another huge advantage. It will also work great for those who have to study for long hours. This product has been designed for both professionals and people who do workouts for pleasure. Dosage: 1 capsule in the morning and another one after 6 hours.

Third place

Thermal PRO by Revange. Do you want to have a beautiful body with visible muscles? It may be tricky if you’re unable to burn excess fat, but this supplement will help you get rid of it very quickly. It increases metabolic rate – also resting metabolic rate (it means it works even if you are… doing nothing). The product is extremely easy to dose – you just need to take one capsule twice a day.

Fourth place

ECA Xtreme DMHA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Another supplement of this brand on our list. This one, however, is not as strong as the previous one – it was intended for people who are looking for a gentle thermogenic product. It contains only very effective ingredients, thanks to which your path to your dream body will be easier! Just take one pill three times a day.

Fifth place

Double Yohimbine by Koka Labz. You don’t need more than one capsule a day to see great results! However, you must not exceed the dosage of two capsules a day. It is a product for advanced athletes, so it is important not to combine it with other fat burners.

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