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Rice has more than one name

Rice has more than one name


The term “rice” actually refers to many products because there are many varieties. Individual types differ in grain shape, taste, nutritional value, starch content, or degree of processing. In Asian countries, rice is usually the basis of meals; it is even eaten for breakfast, with more or less sophisticated additions. It tastes great, not only salty but also sweet. In Poland, potatoes obviously dominate, but there is no shortage of tasty dishes with rice. It is a common dietary ingredient of practically every athlete. It is a good source of easily and quickly absorbed energy, is easily digestible, and does not contain gluten. Rice is primarily carbohydrates, but there are also other compounds in its composition, depending on the species.

Rice has more than one name.

Many people associate rice with white grains, but they can have many different colors. Even the length of the grains and their stickiness vary. Not everyone knows, but rice is divided into short grain, medium grain, and long grain. The most popular variety is white rice, but it has the least nutritional value. Even though it has been purified and deprived of its most essential elements, it has some advantages – it is easy to digest, can be stored for years, is cheap, widely available, and distinguished by its delicate taste. Natural rice is brown in color and is considered to be far more nutritious and healthful. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. The grains do not lack magnesium, potassium, protein, fiber, folate, B vitamins, phosphorus, or even vitamin E. The downside will be longer cooking time, shorter shelf life, faster rancidity due to higher fat content.

We can also distinguish red rice, which is paddy rice with a nutty flavor. It is valued for its low glycemic index, ensuring a feeling of satiety for a long time, rich in nutrients, easy digestibility, anti-cancer action. Red rice is an excellent option for athletes, especially before training. It can also be recommended to allergy sufferers and people who want to support the cardiac and nervous systems work. You can also find black rice, which used to be exclusive to the mighty because of its high nutritional content. It contains a lot of iron, antioxidants, youth vitamins. You can also distinguish yellow rice, sweet and sticky, used even for the production of liquor.
Rice in the diet of an athlete – is it worth reaching for it? The whole truth you need to know


A popular combination for a diet for athletes is white rice with chicken breast. Such a dish is simple to prepare and provides the necessary carbohydrates and protein. People who care that their menu is based on healthy foods choose brown rice. This is not the only reason – natural rice also has a lower glycemic index. This translates into lower glucose levels after a meal. The feeling of satiety remains for longer, and hunger pangs can be avoided. In the case of brown rice, the insulin ejection into the blood is lower. The same can be said about the storage of sugars. However, it is essential to remember that after an intense workout, it is essential to replenish the lost glycogen stores in muscles as quickly as possible. White rice is a much better solution as it provides a quick energy boost in easily assimilable carbohydrates. It is crucial in rebuilding or regenerating micro-damage to muscle fibers during training, especially strength training.

People who train need a complete meal after the workout, which will contain both carbohydrates and protein. It’s crucial to provide carbohydrates as soon as possible to protect muscles from breakdown and to rebuild lost glycogen. You can, therefore, confidently reach for a gainer up to thirty minutes after finishing the exercise. One great source of simple carbohydrates is white rice. It is worth going for it because it is digested quickly and does not overload the digestive system, so you do not have to worry about feeling heavy. Athletes appreciate white rice because it provides a quick feeling of satiety, even clogging the stomach. With a relatively small volume, you can count on a large number of carbohydrates. It is beneficial for people who want to increase muscle mass.
What is more, it can be eaten in various forms. It works well, both sweet and salty. Therefore, there is no question of monotony in your diet. With white rice, you can prepare a variety of dishes; it fits all ingredients virtually. If you add a protein product to rice, the glucose concentration in the blood remains at a moderate level.

White rice is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to rebuild glycogen and support the regeneration process, which every athlete needs. It contains a lot of phosphorus, which stabilizes blood pressure. In turn, the magnesium content soothes the nervous system, which is severely shaken after stress in the form of intense exercise. The same applies to B vitamins, which are not lacking in rice. In turn, the presence of fiber provides a fleeting feeling of satiety, which persists for a long time. Also, it improves the work of the digestive system, supports intestinal peristalsis. It is a gluten-free product, so it can be consumed by people allergic to this complex protein. The popularity of combining rice with poultry is mainly because it allows lowering the high glycemic index of the meal. You can avoid sudden insulin spikes that cause drowsiness, fatigue and contribute to a drop in energy.

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