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Shaker for nutrients. How to choose a shaker for training?

Shaker for nutrients. How to choose a shaker for training?

If you are a person who regularly attends a gym but also trains in other sports, whether amateur or professional, you will surely use various accessories. One of them should be a shaker. In this post, we will tell you how to choose a nutritional shaker, which will be used for your protein and other supplements you can buy in the Cross The Limits store.

What is a nutrient shaker?

Many people associate a shaker with the work of a bartender who makes drinks and cocktails. However, it is also a type of accessory for athletes. It is a nutrient shaker that will come in handy during training and competition.
First of all, a nutrient shaker, as its name suggests, is used for measuring and mixing various supplements. It often resembles a small bottle, although it can also take the form of a jar. Finally, you can buy an automatic shaker, although most choose a product that requires manual mixing of nutrients. Moreover, some models of shakers for athletes have special compartments for tablets, which is also essential. This way, you’ll always be ready for an intense workout, including at the gym, so you can replenish electrolytes and improve the intensity of your activities.

Shaker for the gym. What kind of nutrient shaker?

If you want to choose a shaker for nutrients, you have several different variants of this product to choose from. As we mentioned above, the most popular and best value for money is a shaker in the form of a bottle. Other options are jar-shaped products and automatic shakers.

– Shaker in the shape of a bidon – available in many sizes, designs, and colors. It is inexpensive and functional at the same time. You can prepare most nutrients for athletes in it. It is also airtight and lightweight, so you can fit it in every bag. Finally, it is a shaker with a mouthpiece, making it easier to consume the prepared nutrients. The only drawback is that it is more difficult to clean.

– Automatic Shaker – a premium electric shaker with a blender, which significantly simplifies nutrient preparation. This will quickly mix any supplement and do it better than a manual shaker. However, because of the blender, it is more difficult to clean. It is also more expensive than regular products.

– Jar-shaped shaker – by far the cheapest shaker in which you can make any nutrient by hand. It is a jar-shaped shaker with a simple design and easy to clean. The downside is the lack of a mouthpiece.

As you can see, nutrient shakers can come in many different forms. If you want to buy a cheap and good shaker for the gym, bet on a product in the shape of a bottle. However, you must not confuse the shaker in this form with the bottle itself.
Most importantly, regular water bottles, while convenient and attractive, are not suitable for nutrients. It lacks the extra equipment that makes it easier to mix the supplements thoroughly. On the other hand, you can store already prepared nutrients in a bidon. It is also a good option for water or isotonic drinks. However, the shaker is definitely a more universal product suitable for both nutrients and other liquids (e.g., water, isotonic drinks).

How to choose a shaker for nutrients?

If you are interested in a shaker for nutrients, pay attention to several parameters of this product. This will help you find a shaker for the gym, treadmill, or another workout that will be optimal for you. Although it is not an expensive product and you can buy it for a few pounds, choose the shaker about the most consumed mixtures. The most critical nutrient shaker parameters you need to look at include:

– Capacity – there is no optimal capacity for a nutritional shaker. Most depend on the supplements you consume most often during your workout. Most often, it has a total of around 650 or 700 ml.

– Method of closure – the best choice is a screw cap with a mouthpiece; a worse choice is a shaker jar cap. Pay attention to whether the nutrient shaker has a lock so that it will not open, for example, on the way to the training in your bag. Of course, you also need to check the tightness of the entire container.

– Shape – as mentioned above, shakers are usually bottle-shaped and not too large in diameter, which makes it easier to mix the nutrients and allows you to consume them comfortably.

– Versatility – Ideally, a shaker should be suitable for many nutrients. Usually, these are products with graduations that allow you to measure the prepared mixes. Other models have a ball inside, which simplifies the preparation of supplements.

– Quality – a good shaker should be made of high-quality materials, such as steel. Unfortunately, the cheapest models are made of plastic.

– Brand – in our store, you will find a lot of shakers for athletes. As we focus on quality, we offer products only from reputable brands, high-quality products. Therefore, these are always shakers leak-proof, comfortable, aesthetic, and made of excellent materials. In Cross The Limits shop, you will get shakers OlimpGreen, ReflexGrey, TrecOrange, SmartShakeGreen, OptimumNutritionW/G, AlphaB/C, SmartShakeG/W, AnimalBlack, AppliedNutritionABE, SmartShakePink, SmartShakeSmall, AnimalSmall, USNPink, TreinHardPink or QueenFit.

– Price – A shaker should serve you for years of training. Therefore, choose a solid, high-quality product that you can get from us for just a few pounds.

– Additional features – a shaker doesn’t have to, but it can have additional features that make it more functional. An example is a carabiner with which you can attach it to your bag or backpack.

As you can see, nutrient shakers can be very different. However, there is no doubt that it is an essential accessory during workouts and competitions. Of course, you will need a water bottle or water jug, but it is in a shaker to prepare protein and other nutrients that you use during training. If you need such an accessory, which must be in your training bag, check the offer of Cross The Limits shop. We have no doubt that one of our shakers will be your constant companion during exercise. As you can see above, their selection is extensive, so you will indeed find something for yourself here.




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