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How creatine works – the most popular supplement for athletes

How creatine works – the most popular supplement for athletes

If you are here, you have probably heard about creatine, but you want to add to your knowledge, and rightly so! Find out how creatine works, which type of creatine to choose, and why it is a good idea to use it while working out at the gym and other sports.

Creatine – what is it?

Before we talk about how creatine works, you must understand what this supplement is for athletes, including people practicing strength sports. So, creatine is the so-called methyl guanidino acetic acid, invented in 1832 but widely used since the 1890s.
This substance made up of amino acids (arginine, glycine, methionine) accumulates in muscles and tendons in the body. For this reason, it has a beneficial effect on building muscle mass, increasing strength, and improving fitness.

How does creatine work? 4 reasons why you should buy creatine!

You already know what this dietary supplement popular with athletes is. It’s time to find out how creatine works. So, first of all, it supports protein synthesis. Second, its anabolic and anti-catabolic action guarantees faster growth of muscle mass. Additionally, with creatine supplementation, you will feel an increase in strength, endurance, and speed. This makes it such a popular supplement used by athletes from various sports disciplines, from strength sports to endurance and speed sports.
Creatine is also responsible for rebuilding the substance accountable for storing and supplying energy to muscle cells (ATP). This is especially key in strength and anaerobic exercise. This allows you to improve your results by performing more series and repetitions, translating into gains in muscle mass and strength.
If we explain how creatine works, we can’t forget about its beneficial effect on muscle regeneration. Thanks to creatine, the muscles recover faster, which allows us to exercise longer and more intensively.

Benefits of creatine

Suppose you decide to use creatine and be regular. You will definitely see and feel improvement in your muscles, strength, or endurance in that case. The most significant advantages of using creatine include:

– Muscle mass gain – creatine supports muscle protein synthesis. Its anabolic properties translate into building lean muscle mass.
– Strength gain – strength gain is another benefit you will experience when taking creatine. You will notice it after better strength-type exercises (e.g., bench press, pull-ups, pull-ups).
– Increased endurance – Creatine rebuilds ATP, which provides an additional source of energy for the body. This allows you to train longer and harder.
– Faster regeneration – thanks to creatine, you will regenerate your muscles faster after training. This allows you to train more often and get better results.

Types of Creatine. Which creatine to choose?

Regardless of the type of supplement, creatine works similarly. The differences are among others in the absorption of the supplement. In the Cross The Limits shop, you will find very different kinds of creatine. Check what are the types of this supplement and how they differ from each other:

– Creatine Monohydrate – the most popular creatine, a combination of a water molecule and a supplement that gives good results for the price. It is a suitable type of creatine for beginners.

-Creatine malate – a type of creatine made of its molecules combined with three molecules of malic acid, making it a better-absorbed supplement by the body. The effects of use are slightly better than with creatine monohydrate.

– Creatine Citrate – a supplement in which the creatine molecule is combined with citric acid, making it better absorbed by the body. The effect of citrate is similar to that of malate. It is a good supplement for building lean muscle mass without retaining water.

– Creatine Stack – several different creatines in one supplement. If you buy creatine blends, check what types of creatine have been mixed and in what proportions.

– Creatine magnesium chelate – a combination of creatine and magnesium particles, which improves the supplement’s absorption. This has a positive effect on the effects of creatine use.

How do I take creatine? What do you need to know about dosage?

You already know how creatine works and the types of this supplement. It’s time for its proper dosage. One of two systems of taking creatine is most commonly used:

– A loading cycle (10-30 g per day for 5-10 days), followed by a saturation cycle (5 g per day for 4-8 weeks).
– Continuous supplementation: 5 g per day or 1 g for every 10 kg of body weight.

As the research shows, the size of the dosage and type of supplementation is less critical to the effects of creatine, as is the time of taking the supplement (morning, noon, evening). It’s more essential to saturate your body with creatine regularly, taking it for at least a few weeks. Remember that every creatine in the Cross The Limits shop is a supplement from a reputable and verified supplier.

That is why you will always find information about the recommended form of supplementation and creatine dosage on the product packaging.
Additionally, you can use other supplements from our offer. As part of creatine supplementation, we recommend such products as carbohydrates, leucine, estragon, or alpha-lipid acid. Also, remember to drink plenty of water. All this will ensure better absorption of creatine.

Creatine – is it worth it?

Since you already know how creatine works, you should have no doubts that it is a supplement worth closer attention to. This is confirmed by the fact that it is used by amateur and professional athletes worldwide. Thanks to creatine, you will increase lean muscle mass. You will also experience an increase in strength, speed, and endurance. This will translate into better results during training and competitions. What’s vital is that this is an entirely safe substance with no side effects (exceeding the recommended doses may result in diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting).

In our shop, you will find a wide range of high-quality creatine. We offer creatine in powder and tablet form, always from the best supplement manufacturers on the market. This ensures that you are buying a safe and effective product that has been tested by millions of physically active people all over the world.



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