Ko-kalabz Dexter Halloween Edition 25 servings


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Trick or Treat

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Do you like the feeling of fear? If not, it’s high time you did! The scariest day of the year, Halloween, is just around the corner. Of course, you can spend this day in many different ways, but we have prepared our suggestion. What would you say to scary big… gains?

The composition of Dexter Halloween Edition pre-workout includes:

Citrulline malate – it’s not just the feeling of fear that can make your heart rate accelerate and your veins dilate. Very similar effects are also provided by the feeling of a muscle pump, which is well-known to all athletes. Naturally, many substances can increase the intensity of a muscle pump. However, no compound can compare to citrulline in this respect. A solid dose of citrulline before training will boost your muscles!

Beta-alanine – practically everything has been written about beta-alanine. It is one of the best-researched substances among all dietary supplements. Beta-alanine significantly improves muscle endurance and, at the same time, delays the release of lactic acid. This allows you to train longer and more intensively.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine – practically all amino acids are substances without which our body cannot function properly. However, some compounds of this type are essential for athletes. It is enough to mention tyrosine, which plays a part in rebuilding muscle fibres. So it is not difficult to conclude that low levels of this amino acid may impair hypertrophy. Fortunately, a properly selected supplementation can protect against this!

Augments Augments are neurotransmitters whose synthesis occurs naturally in our bodies. However, this does not change the fact that additional ag supplementation has become prevalent among athletes. Some research reports show a positive correlation between taking ag and an intense feeling of muscle pumps. Furthermore, this compound may also support the recovery of muscle fibres.

Alpha-GPC (standardised to a minimum of 50% active ingredient)—Choline alphoscerate, also known as Alpha-GPC, has long surprised researchers with its properties. On the one hand, its supplementation increases the level of choline in the body, thus improving cognitive abilities and memory. On the other hand, choline alphoscerate may support the functioning of the cardio-respiratory system.

Caffeine anhydrous – Halloween is a holiday that evokes emotions and releases an enormous amount of energy. Unfortunately, you may not have enough power on this particular day. That’s why Koka Labz has enriched the special edition of Dexter pre-workout with a few powerful stimulants. The first is an anhydrous form of caffeine, which is absorbed very quickly and thus injects additional energy.

2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – the compound DMHA has become the natural successor to DMAA when successive regulatory bodies have restricted its use. Admittedly, DMHA does not have such a strong effect, but it is still effective in boosting energy and reducing fatigue. However, this effect may become even more intense if DMHA is combined with its prototype.

Black pepper extract (contains piperine) – black pepper not only adds flavour to many dishes but can also aid weight loss. All thanks to piperine, an active substance contained in pepper. Research has shown that it supports the processes related to burning fat tissue. What is more, piperine increases the absorption of nutrients, which improves supplementation’s effectiveness of supplementation?


The recommended dosage regimen for the Dexter Halloween Edition pre-workout mainly depends on your tolerance to the effects of such supplements. Beginners should start supplementation with one scoop of the product (approximately 6 grams). Slightly more experienced athletes should take the standard dose, which is the equivalent of 2 scoops (over 12 grams).