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Top 5 – Pre-Workouts with DMAA 2021

Top 5 – Pre-Workouts with DMAA 2021

When supplements containing DMAA first appeared on the market, they generated a lot of interest. This quickly turned methylhexanamine from an unknown substance into one of the most popular stimulants for athletes. However, the new trend did not last long. A quick reaction from WADA put supplements containing DMAA on the list of banned substances in professional sport. Thus, professional athletes had to abandon the use of methylhexanamine. To make matters worse, the regulation also tightened legal standards for the production and sale of DMAA.

All this makes it difficult today to find supplements containing this unique ingredient. Fortunately, some manufacturers have found a way to still be able to use DMAA. Thus, preparations containing methylhexanamine are still present on the market. But, of course, their choice is currently minimal. That is why we have prepared a special list including the top 5 preparations that have DMAA in their composition. Here are our suggestions:

1. Dark Labs Crack

Dietary supplements from the Dark Labs range are intended for particularly demanding people. Why? Because this manufacturer focuses primarily on the effectiveness of action. Practically all Dark Labs supplements contain a high concentration of active substances to ensure high enough. As far as the Crack pre-trainer is concerned, DMAA acts like such a compound. One recommended serving of this product contains as much as 120 milligrams of pure methylhexanamine. What’s more, the stimulating effect is further enhanced by anhydrous caffeine, which can also be found in Crack pre-workout. Thus, this form of supplementation will work perfectly before each subsequent workout.

The composition of the Crack pre-workout from Dark Labs is based on the classic combination of DMAA and caffeine. An extra dose of energy is thus guaranteed!

2. Dark Labs Crack Golden Edition

It might seem that it would be tough to improve such a good pre-trainer. However, Dark Labs does not recognize the word ‘impossible.’ This is why an enhanced version of the Crack pre-trainer has appeared in its range, available as Crack Golden Edition. Its composition has been significantly modified, as pure DMAA has been replaced by an extract from geranium leaves and stems. However, it is worth remembering that this plant contains natural methylhexanamine, so you can still count on a solid stimulating effect. As if that wasn’t enough, Crack Golden Edition pre-trainer also has DMHA, a substance referred to as a DMAA substitute. Thus, people taking this supplement can count on a double boost of energy.

The limited-edition version of Golden Crack pre-workout combines DMAA, DMHA, and caffeine. This combination provides a powerful stimulating effect, which is why it is worth recommending this product only to experienced athletes.

3. Static Labz 1.3 Volt

The Static Labz company has decided to draw inspiration from the most well-known energy source, namely electricity. That is why the 1.3 Volt pre-trainer is supposed to provide a similar effect of “charging” with energy. You have to admit that the composition of this supplement is exciting. Of course, DMAA plays the first fiddle here (100 milligrams in 1 serving). However, apart from methylhexanamine, the composition of 1.3 Volt also includes caffeine, taurine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and betaine. All of these substances help the body prepare for the upcoming effort. For this reason, the pre-workout from Static Labz is sure to appeal to all amateurs of physical activity.

Static Labz 1.3 Volt is a supplement that adds energy while increasing the physical performance of our body.

4. Aggressive Labz Leatherface

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” has gone down in cinema history. However, it was thanks to this series that the character of Leatherface became present in mass culture. That is why the Aggressive Labz company used his unusual image to create their own pre-training product. Leatherface is undoubtedly a product with stimulating solid properties. What is essential, one serving of this preparation contains as much as 500 milligrams of caffeine, but only 45 milligrams of DMAA. Thus, it will be a suitable choice for people who use pretty high doses of caffeine. Apart from this, the composition of the Leatherface pre-workout includes creatine, beta-alanine, and yohimbine.

The Leatherface pre-workout from Aggressive Labz contains a very high dose of caffeine and a small amount of DMAA. Importantly, it is a product with a somewhat universal effect. Thanks to the presence of yohimbine, the Leatherface pre-trainer will be helpful for people fighting with excessive kilograms.

5 – Skull Labs Angel Dust

The multifaceted action of the supplement is also an essential aspect for Skull Labs. The best proof of this would be the Angel Dust pre-workout. The composition of this supplement is based on a unique complex of different substances. A combination of DMAA and DMHA is responsible for the stimulating effect. You can find as much as 100 milligrams of each substance in a single serving of the described supplement. However, that is not all. Angel Dust’s composition also includes citrulline and arginine, i.e., compounds responsible for the sensation of the so-called muscle pump. Substances that support fat burning are also a helpful addition (including higenamine and yohimbine).

Angel Dust from Skull Labs is a product with vast potential in terms of application possibilities. On the one hand, it contains DMAA and DMHA, which guarantee adequate stimulation. Moreover, the presence of yohimbine and higenamine provides beneficial effects in terms of weight reduction. On the other hand, citrulline and arginine help in a stronger feeling of the so-called muscle pump. It is, therefore, hard to find a more universal pre-trainer!


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