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Top 5 – Stim-free Pre-Workouts 2021

Top 5 – Stim-free Pre-Workouts 2021

Pre-workouts are now an essential part of the overall dietary supplement market. As the name suggests, these supplements should be used immediately before you start training. This is all because most preparations of this type have solid stimulating properties. For many people, this is the most crucial advantage of pre-training supplements.

However, not all people who train want to feel such an effect. If someone exercises, for example, late in the evening, taking a pre-trainer with caffeine may adversely affect the quality of sleep later on. In addition, some people are susceptible to stimulants. In such cases, it may not be beneficial to take a regular pre-trainer.

However, there is good news. Manufacturers of pre-training products have adapted their range of products to meet the growing demands of customers. This is best demonstrated by the fact that more and more stim-free supplements are appearing on the market. These supplements do not contain any stimulants. This makes them a great alternative to traditional pre-training supplements. Here is our list of the best stim-free supplements:

black.green.gold.tub.superhuman.1. Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

The Alpha Lion company sets an entirely new quality in the world of dietary supplements. This manufacturer is famous for creating products with a very complex composition and comprehensive action at the same time. Superhuman Pump pre-trainer is a great example here. This supplement contains both nootropics and substances which increase physical performance. Thus Superhuman Pump works on two fundamental levels.
On the one hand, it reduces fatigue (without the effect of stimulation) and increases motivation. But, on the other hand, it allows you to perform longer and more intensive workouts. So it’s hard to find a better combination!

Superhuman Pump pre-workout is a product-focused on increasing the intensity of the muscle pump felt. As a result, people taking this product can improve their results without the need to use stimulants!

2 – Psycho Pharma Edge Pump

A very similar assumption was also made by Psycho Pharma. Again, the manufacturer set itself a clear goal. The task was to develop a supplement that would guarantee a more intense muscle pump without stimulating the nervous system at the same time. The result of the work was the introduction of Edge Pump to the market. Its composition has been developed so that athletes can feel a significantly stronger muscle pump during training. Substances such as citrulline, glycerol, and taurine play a significant role here. It is, therefore, an ideal supplement for people who want to avoid unnecessary stimulation of their organism.
The Edge Pump supplement provides a more prolonged and more intense muscle pump during exercise. But, of course, this effect is achieved without stimulating the nervous system at the same time!

3. Rich Piana Full as F*CK Overdosed

The legendary Rich Piana has become the symbol of the uncompromising guy willing to pay any price to live his life his way. Significantly, while he was still alive, Rich launched his own line of nutritional supplements. One of the products included in this line is the Full as F*CK Overdosed pre-workout. It was created by combining several proven substances that effectively increase muscle pumps and boost energy simultaneously (without the stimulating effect). These include citrulline, taurine, Dan Shen, beetroot extract, and others. So if you have something of Rich Foam in you, a pre-workout signed with his name is sure to meet your expectations!

Complete as F*CK Overdosed is a pre-workout that guarantees an intense muscle pump and an extra boost of energy. Lack of stimulants makes it possible to use them at any time of day (or night).

4 – Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Bare Knuckle

The primary ingredient in most pre-workouts is an anhydrous form of caffeine. Obviously, this has a strong stimulant effect, so Apollon Nutrition found another alternative. In the pre-workout Hooligan Bare Knuckle, anhydrous caffeine has been replaced by anhydrous betaine. This compound has an analgesic effect and supports the cardiovascular system at the same time. Thus, betaine supplementation can be very beneficial for people who regularly do sports. What is clear, the basis of the pre-workout Hooligan Bare Knuckle is a standard blend containing, among others: citrulline, tyrosine, and a complex of B vitamins.

The Hooligan Bare Knuckle pre-workout from Apollon Nutrition contains a hefty dose of betaine and a standard blend of substances to boost muscle pumps.

5. Evlution Nutrition PumpMode Nitric Oxide

All of the pre-workout supplements presented so far have had a relatively similar composition. However, the PumpMode Nitric Oxide supplement from Evlution Nutrition is already a completely unique product. First of all, it has a straightforward design. This is because the manufacturer decided to use only 2 active ingredients to create this formula. The first is a patented HydroMax™ supplement containing at least 65% pure glycerol. The second ingredient is betaine nitrate, available in the form of NO3-T™. In addition, PumpMode Nitric Oxide pre-trainer also has vitamin C and vitamin D. Thus, the described product is a good alternative for people who like to bet on simple and effective solutions.


The composition of Pump Mode Nitric Oxide pre-workout includes only two active substances and vitamins C and D. If someone does not want to use popular multi-ingredient preparations, the supplement from Evlution Nutrition will be a great alternative!

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