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Which protein to choose – a beginner’s guide

The body needs protein to function correctly, which can, of course, be obtained from many natural sources. There is plenty of it in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, pulses, nuts, etc. However, if you want quickly absorbed amino acids in a pure form, it’s worth looking into protein supplements. There are many protein powders, so you can choose one to suit your current needs and preferences. It is time to consider what the best protein powder will be. Your lifestyle, diet, training plan and physique goals, weight, age, gender, height, and many other factors play a role in your choice.

What are the different types of protein supplements?

There are several types of protein: whey, beef, vegetable, and casein. Whey proteins are the most popular, consisting mainly of essential amino acids which support muscle mass building and are quickly absorbed. Therefore, it is worth reaching to them after training and between meals. Whey protein isolate, which has a great aminogram and negligible amounts of fat and carbohydrates, is considered excellent.

Cheaper are whey protein concentrates, which also have a perfect amino acid profile. Beef protein is an excellent alternative to meat, contains plenty of natural creatine, and is a source of complete protein.
On the other hand, suppose you are looking for a nutrient with a very long absorption of amino acids into the bloodstream. In that case, you should be interested in casein protein, which is of dairy origin. It is excellent for reducing weight and ensures a feeling of satiety for a long time.

The best vegan protein powder or plant-based protein powder

Vegan protein powders are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the growing consumer awareness and choice of plant-based products. However, it is sometimes difficult to get enough good-quality protein for people who have entirely excluded zoonotic foods from their diet. They cannot reach for whey protein powder, but they have several other options to choose from. Conditioners for vegans do not contain protein derived from cow’s milk. However, this does not change the fact that they are characterized by a very good aminogram.

An example would be hemp protein, which is very soluble and does not burden the digestive system. It contains almost all essential amino acids. In nutritional supplements for vegans, you can also find pea protein, which has a lot of fiber and minerals, is not allergenic, and can be used by people with food allergies. Another option is rice protein, which has anti-allergenic properties and negligible amounts of fat. The most popular are soy protein powders, which contain all the essential amino acids. Soy isolates, which consist of up to 90% protein, are highly recommended. GMO-free soya is a precious product that is exceptionally healthy.

Protein powder for weight loss?

A protein supplement promotes fat loss and supports the development of lean muscle mass. What’s more, it speeds up metabolism, helping you burn more calories. It is also important to remember that the more muscle tissue you have, the better because it increases your resting metabolic rate. Protein supplements also have the advantage of giving you a feeling of satiety for a long time while consuming relatively few calories. As a result, you can avoid cravings, overeating, and ravenous attacks of hunger. All this makes it easier to maintain a slim figure and lose weight.

The best protein powder for women – which one?

The best protein powder for men will not always be the optimal choice for women. It is important to remember that women have a different body structure; even in intensive training with a heavy load, they cannot gain such a spectacular musculature as men. A considerable role is played by the hormonal economy in women, which can be very easily disturbed. Depending on the day of the menstrual cycle, hormone concentrations will be different, affecting numerous processes in the body and the behavior of the fair sex.

Ladies may be recommended soy isolates, which contain many phytoestrogens, i.e., female plant hormones. They support hormone management, guard a youthful appearance, and neutralize free radicals responsible for cell aging. Everyone’s body needs the same amino acids, regardless of gender. In nutrients for women, the difference is only in additives such as vitamins, dietary fiber, l-carnitine, and herbal extracts.

Recommended protein supplements

Among the isolates we can recommend is Trec Nutrition Isolate 100, a high-class nutrient containing CFM whey protein isolate considered the most valuable source of protein. It is considered to be the most valuable source of protein. It provides a complete building material for muscles. Each serving contains pure protein with an excellent aminogram. The amount of fats and carbohydrates has been reduced to a minimum. Great taste and easy dissolution, universal application, and intensification of anabolic processes are other advantages of this product.

We also recommend Trec Nutrition Booster Isolate Protein, a high-quality nutrient based on pure whey protein isolate, without unnecessary additives and fillers.
If you prefer Whey proteins, you should be interested in Chaos Crew Chaos Whey with an enzyme complex to aid digestion and absorption. There are some very unique flavors to choose from and no shortage of BCAA and EAA supplements. Also worthy of note is Trec Nutrition Booster Whey Protein, which dissolves perfectly and tastes great. It contains a solid dose of wholesome protein whose monogram is close to the amino acid profile of human protein. This protein powder has a very positive effect on mass muscle gain and accelerated regeneration processes.



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