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Workout – everything you need to know

Workout – everything you need to know


Starting training could be a very demanding process. If you want your workout to be really effective, find out everything you need to know. Whether you’re a beginner or want to boast some training experience – you need to be aware of some basics. Among other things, this includes a proper warm-up, properly matching the level of difficulty to your body’s skills and capabilities, and the predispositions associated with the day.

The right warm-up

A proper warm-up is still a controversial topic. Many people don’t realize its potential and, over time, stop remembering about it. In fact, it is the warm-up that will lead to a faster heart rate and improved cardiovascular function. Pre-workout cardio is ideal for raising our body temperature and preparing it for a new training stimulus. A good warm-up doesn’t have to belong to be effective. It can consist of basic exercises such as jumping jacks, sit-ups, leg extensions, or jumping jacks. About 5 minutes is enough to warm up your body and start exercising successfully.

First training – basic information

The first training is one of the most important steps towards a good figure. Starting work on your own metamorphosis requires from us a lot of self-denial and strong will. The moment we come to the gym for the first time, we may feel unsure of ourselves and lost. Fortunately, we have to realize that everyone once started. Our mistakes are in no way commented on by the majority of trainers. Everything depends on our motivation.

If we do not give up at the very beginning, there is a high probability that we will achieve the desired results after months or even years of sacrifice. Before you start training, we suggest that you thoroughly check out the gym equipment and get to know it. The first time at the gym is not the moment to perform the best workout of your life. It’s time for you to become thoroughly familiar with the technique, develop your plan of action, and choose exercises that will get you to your goal in the shortest possible time.

A good alternative for beginners will be a full-body workout (FBW). This will involve engaging every muscle part at every workout. During the first workouts, just going to the gym and doing the exercises properly remains a sufficient stimulus for our body. A good recommendation is to start your adventure with training from about 3 training units, just in the form of FBW.

Workout for intermediate

Workout for intermediate differs significantly from the proposals reached by beginners. In the first place, it should be related to the level at which we train and maintaining healthy wellbeing and satisfaction with training. When our training experience grows month by month, we can think about betting on a different kind of training. It will be a good idea to use, for example, push-pull training or remain with FBW and slightly expand it.

We can talk about progression when we manage to perform, for example, one repetition more despite lifting the same weight. Therefore, as it is worth noticing, progress has more than one name. It does not mean that it is necessary to achieve successive and bigger strength records at each training. In the case of intermediate people, we can increase the number of training units to four per week.

Training for advanced and professional people

Years of training well-executed exercises with attention to technique allow you to enter the next level of initiation. Training for advanced and professionals is one of the proposed solutions for people with several years of training experience. This way, you can achieve even more results. You have to be aware that over time the body needs a stronger and stronger training stimulus. In this case, a good solution is to use split training and train one part every day. In this case, the recommended number of training units is about 5-6 per week.

Training – the core of a healthy lifestyle

Training has many functions in the life of every physically active person. Nevertheless, it is one of the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle, including diet and supplementation. Even when you are at the beginning of your journey, you can count on the positive effects of workout on your life.

Strength training, when performed correctly, involves all the muscles of the body. It is one example of anaerobic exercise because the vast majority of workouts are intervals – that is, intense physical effort interspersed with rest. The unique advantage of strength training is that it can be performed in various forms, for example, using your own body weight, using weights such as barbells, dumbbells, or using the strength machines available in the gym.

Depending on our training level, the period in life, and current strength, we can choose one of the strength training forms and derive exceptional results from it. The most important effects of using strength training in our everyday life include getting rid of excess kilograms. Also, this type of physical activity has a positive effect on the condition of our bones, joints, and ligaments. Strength training is an invaluable way to improve our posture, increase our heart and circulatory system’s condition, and improve our mood. Even if your dream is not to lose pounds, strength training alone leads to improved skin tone and firmness.

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