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What should you know about testosterone boosters?

What should you know about testosterone boosters?

Testosterone has become an icon of culture, of athletic men, and of all that drives the stereotypical “alpha male.” There are many urban legends about this hormone, both favorable and unfavorable. However, the truth is that testosterone is a common human hormone found in men. It is a typical sex hormone responsible for, among other things, the formation of male body characteristics (masculinization).

The first task of this androgenic hormone is the so-called prenatal sexual differentiation. The fetus does not become a “boy” until two important factors are met – first, the sperm with the Y chromosome must join the egg, and second, the fetal cells must begin synthesizing testosterone during the 7-9th week of pregnancy and form glands and male external glandular genital organs. Another period when testosterone can “go crazy” is puberty, when the boy begins to take on typical male features. This is when there is a change in the tone of voice, the outline of muscles, facial hair, and a large increase in body weight.

However, there is a time when the man’s strength begins to wane and his performance decreases. This usually happens when the male body reaches full maturity and the slow aging process begins. Then, as a result of the physiological decrease in cell efficiency and glandular efficiency, the production of testosterone decreases. Then the performance decreases as well, and so does the need for exercise; the skin loses its firmness and a number of other undesirable changes occur. When a man notices the first symptoms of aging, he can resort to the so-called testosterone therapy. This involves administering hormone replacements to the body to rebuild the testosterone levels while prolonging his youthful vitality.

Testosterone boosters

One does not have to wait until the aging process sets in to start using supplements that increase the natural level of testosterone in the body. Supporting the body in this regard is especially popular among athletes. Testosterone is responsible for the increase in muscle mass and facilitates the process of building this tissue during workouts.


Many doctors doubt the effectiveness of such supplements, but you cannot deny good marketing to the companies that produce them. In fact, testosterone boosters should be used only under the supervision of experienced specialists, in balanced doses and with constant monitoring of test results. Only in this case, it is possible to safely carry out the entire treatment without the risk of harming the body.

Testosterone boosters – do they really work?

Opinions are divided on whether testosterone boosters really work. It must be assumed that such supplements work somewhat differently in women than in men. Moreover, each organism is by definition a separate unit and something that has a strong effect on one person may be completely indifferent to another.

However, there are ways to increase the likelihood that boosters will work properly. One of them is to eat a balanced diet or to take additional supplements, including zinc and vitamin D. It is good to make sure that the testosterone booster you take is rich in D-aspartic acid, for example. When you start taking different types of boosters, remember that such supplementation should also be followed by increased physical effort and slightly different, more complex, and intense training sessions.

Testosterone boosters for women

Women who take up various sports professionals are often faced with the need to take testosterone boosters to increase their muscle mass. It is difficult to find such a product designed for women, but under the supervision of a trainer and a doctor, it will certainly be possible to choose something that will help in the process of building a figure.

However, it should be kept in mind that testosterone taken by women may have somewhat different side effects than similar doses taken by men. There have been ladies who complained of excessive hair loss, recurring acne or neurosis, and mood swings towards irritability, for example. In extreme cases, a typically masculine figure with very broad shoulders is built up or the voice is lowered.

Testosterone boosters – side effects

It is true that testosterone boosters differ from steroids, mainly due to the content of natural ingredients that are much better absorbed by our body, but this time we can also deal with minor side effects observed in some women and men who take them.

All kinds of allergies can be side effects of testosterone boosters. As you know, every organism is different and often we do not realize that we are allergic to something until after having taken a certain substance. Therefore, when taking a supplement, it is worth doing the necessary tests and consulting a doctor to choose the appropriate concentration of the substance at a certain level.

Is it worth using testosterone boosters?

It is worth considering hormone therapy, which definitely increases the body’s performance in men and also helps them remain fully functional for longer, especially if the particular man feels a decline in well-being. At the same time, we should remember that moderation is the key to success.

Regardless of how you feel about the different types of boosters, you should remember that testosterone boosters are not the same as steroids. It’s worth starting any hormone treatment with them to gradually get your body used to the “secretion boosters” of individual hormones.

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