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Chocolate – positive effects with the right dose

Chocolate – who doesn’t dream about it? It is adored by children and maligned by adults. And yet it is considered a substance with health-promoting properties. So maybe it is worth (at least to some extent) to start assimilating it every day?

Chocolate – the essential health-promoting properties

There is no doubt that a person can become addicted to chocolate to some extent. It is not difficult to go from one maximum of two cubes to a whole bar. However, it is essential to remember that this source of magnesium, iron and calcium can add to one’s vigour strength and increase one’s intellectual capacity. So which chocolate is good for your health? Here we have good news for all gourmands: all types of chocolate have very beneficial effects on human health. Nevertheless, dark chocolate has the best properties. It is rich in trace vitamins and does not damage the teeth as much as milk chocolate does.

Research has revealed that dark chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, magnesium, protein, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, manganese, niacin, fibre, various antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, and B, along with omega-6 fatty acids.

Types of dark chocolate

Good milk chocolates have about 40 to 60 per cent pulp in their composition. Products with 70 per cent pulp in them, on the other hand, are categorized as dark chocolate. Which dark chocolate is best for your health? The one with the highest percentage of this pulp (this criterion is the main factor in determining the type of dark chocolate). In fact, on every chocolate, you can find information regarding the percentage of this ingredient. From the point of view of human health, the best chocolate contains about 90 per cent pulp. Unfortunately, its intense and bitter taste does not suit many people, which of course, does not mean that it is not worth introducing it into your daily diet. And one more thing: for the use of dark chocolate to bring optimal results – it is worth eating it in combination with, for example, nuts.

Tips for using dark chocolate

Scientists are still arguing about what amount of chocolate is good for your health. According to some, a maximum of 2 – 3 cubes of chocolate should be consumed per day. Others insist that consuming four or even five cubes daily is best. Who is right? The number of cubes consumed depends mainly on the cocoa solids content of the final product. In the case of chocolates you can find, for example, in regular supermarkets, the cocoa solids content does not exceed 40-50%. Only the best chocolates have 70, 80 or even 90 per cent cocoa solids. It is worth noting that only two cubes are enough in their case.
Chocolate and dietary temptations

Many people who have not yet recognized the qualities of natural dark chocolate believe that it is also possible to become addicted. However, it is worth noting that in the case of chocolates with a pulp content of 90 per cent or more (and even higher), the taste of the product changes dramatically. One might even venture to say that for beginning chocolate lovers, it is almost unacceptable. That is why buying the best chocolates means tasting them rather than tasting them all the time. Only the most loyal chocolate lovers are accustomed to the bitter taste of the best product.

Chocolate and its effects on the human body

The influence of chocolate on the human organism is very complex and multifaceted. It is true that standard chocolate weakens teeth and significantly raises blood sugar levels. However, it is essential to remember that these problems are only associated with milk chocolate, not its dark counterpart. So what are the health benefits of dark chocolate for the person who uses it?

1. improved concentration – probably everyone has noticed that a little bit of good dark chocolate effectively improves a person’s intellectual abilities. So it is no wonder that 2 to 3 cubes are often tempting for high school graduates, people taking important exams and even white-collar workers.

2. In answer to the health benefits of chocolate, the following should be mentioned: avoidance of dangerous diseases. Using dark chocolate in appropriate amounts makes it more difficult to contract heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes and even cancer. What is more, regular consumption of 2 – 4 cubes of dark chocolate helps to reduce the risk of severe neurological diseases.

3, More energy – regular consumption of dark chocolate contributes to a more efficient metabolic process, which leads to a reduction in the amount of fat tissue and its faster burning. This, in turn, gives you energy for the whole day.

Note: dark chocolate is a natural energy bomb worth having on hand. Thanks to it, moments of weakness, drowsiness and reduced concentration will not scare us. Dark chocolate should also be used periodically by people who have diabetes, who are diagnosed with temporary drops in blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia).

In conclusion, dark chocolate is an essential component of the diet, which should not be abandoned even by conscientious people about counting calories. You can concentrate on your daily tasks and get a substantial dose of energy, thanks to it.

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