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Apollon Nutrition Hooligan + Branch Warren Texas Titan Special Edition

If you’re into bodybuilding, you definitely know Branch Warren well. His physique still commands acclaim throughout the industry today. What’s more, Warren is a guy who doesn’t disregard any means. He has repeatedly said that success requires damn hard work. So if you are ready for it, reach for the new Hooligan pre-trainer from Apollon Nutrition.

The Hooligan pre-trainer needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular preparations from this category and, at the same time, the flagship product of the Apollon Nutrition brand. However, now you can buy a Hooligan pre-trainer in a new edition. The version signed with Warren’s name is created based on a changed formula. Here are its key ingredients:

B vitamin complex (vitamin B3, B6, and B12) – your body could not function appropriately without vitamins. That’s why you should take care of the basics first when supplementing. Hooligan pre-trainer contains a proven B vitamin complex. Research has shown that a deficiency can result in lower energy levels and a loss of motivation. Therefore, supplementing the stories of such vitamins will be the first step on the way to gaining completely new strength.

Folic acid – inconspicuous folic acid is one of the most essential substances for our body. It is responsible for the production of red blood cells and the repair of damaged DNA. What’s more, some studies have shown that higher levels of folic acid in men can positively affect sperm quality and fertility. So it’s worth taking care of such a male issue…

L-citrulline – among all the amino acids used by athletes, one of them is citrulline. This compound is a precursor of arginine, which means that its regular use may increase the muscle pump experienced during exercise. Moreover, citrulline reduces the feeling of fatigue and thus improves our endurance. So if you like to train for a long time, you should make friends with citrulline!

Beta-alanine – the famous beta-alanine will be another ally. Together with creatine, it is the best researched nutritional supplement for athletes. All tests have shown that beta-alanine significantly increases muscle endurance and improves the aerobic capacity of the whole body.

Anhydrous betaine – the properties of betaine are appreciated by doctors, as this compound effectively reduces the formation of atherosclerotic plaque and reduces fat accumulation. However, betaine is particularly beneficial for athletes as it accelerates weight reduction on the one hand and supports muscle performance on the other.

L-tyrosine – B vitamins and tyrosine have one thing in common. Their deficiency causes very similar effects in the form of chronic fatigue and lack of energy. Therefore, tyrosine supplementation is extremely important for people who train. In addition, it is worth remembering that tyrosine participates in the synthesis of dopamine and adrenaline. Both of these hormones play a vital role during physical exercise.

Agmatine sulfate – during the breakdown of arginine, several different compounds are formed. One of them is agmatine sulfate. Studies have shown that it significantly increases the intensity of work of the circulatory system, thanks to which blood is transported faster. This, in turn, contributes to a much stronger muscle pump during intensive training.

Lion’s Mane extract – the health-promoting properties of mushrooms have finally been recognized by companies involved in the production of dietary supplements. A real hit in recent years is sea urchin or a mushroom known as Lion’s Mane. The substances contained in it have a stimulating effect on the human body. Thus just one dose of the extract from this mushroom will quickly mobilize you to the action!

Alpha-GPC – choline alphosphate has quickly become one of the most popular substances with nootropic effects. This compound improves our cognitive abilities while helping us to stay focused. What’s more, a growing number of reports speak of a positive correlation between the use of Alpha-GPC and improved sports performance!

Caffeine anhydrous – the stimulating properties of caffeine are known to everyone. Therefore, the anhydrous form of caffeine is responsible for the stimulating effects of the Hooligan pre-trainer. There are as many as 450 milligrams of caffeine in a single serving of this product. However, the total amount is 600 milligrams!

Caffeine malate – the remaining 150 milligrams is caffeine malate. Although it has slightly different properties, its stimulating effect is just as practical. So this caffeine blend is sure to get you ready for your upcoming workout.

Theobromine – this natural alkaloid not only stimulates the body but also increases physical performance. Theobromine speeds up your heart rate and causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing oxygen to reach your muscles much faster.

Pink Himalayan salt – despite appearances, salt is an absolutely crucial element in every athlete’s diet. Without it, the body would not be able to absorb water and carbohydrates so quickly. What is more, the sodium contained in salt helps your muscles work correctly. That’s why you can find the best quality pink Himalayan salt in the Hooligan pre-trainer

Rhodiola Rosea extract – natural medicine has long benefited from the properties of Rhodiola Rosea. The extract extracted from this plant helps to fight stress and also gives energy. As far as its use in sport is concerned, rosehip can enhance the body’s anabolic capabilities. It will therefore be beneficial for strength-training athletes.

ElevATP™ – The unique ElevATP™ complex has been developed to naturally increase ATP levels in people who train. Taking this supplement improves mitochondrial function, allowing the body to obtain significantly more energy.
AstraGin™ – AstraGin™ increases the bioavailability of all the substances described above. It is, therefore, the key to effective supplementation.


One serving of the product (approximately 21 milligrams) should be measured out with a teaspoon, mixed with water, and drunk about 15-30 minutes before training. Beginners should start supplementation with half the recommended dose.