Brawn Alpha-One (60 Caps)


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Brawn Alpha-One (60 Caps) Prohormones

Prohormones are a reliable way to increase muscle mass and improve exercise capacity. However, it is essential to know that not all substances of this type work similarly. On the contrary! There are huge differences between individual prohormones. That’s why people who want to get the best possible results are mainly for methyltestosterone.

Of all the available forms of this compound, the most interesting is the so-called Methyl-1-AD. It is considered to be the most potent prohormone available on the market. For this reason, it is worth recommending it only to the most experienced bodybuilders and athletes.

Methyl-1-AD shows powerful anabolic effects. Studies have confirmed that this prohormone intensively stimulates the body to create new muscle tissue. Moreover, methyl-1-AD effectively blocks the breakdown of existing muscle tissue, thus protecting it from catabolism. This form of supplementation ensures fast and truly impressive gains.

Brawn Alpha-One is a proven solution for anyone wanting to start taking this compound. Brawn specializes in creating supplements containing prohormones. As for Brawn Alpha-One capsules, each one has 20 milligrams of the active ingredient (Methyl-1-AD).


Methyl-1-AD should be taken in cycles of 4 weeks. For most people, the optimal dose will be two tablets per day. They should be taken spaced apart (e.g., morning and evening) but at consistent times.