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Manufacturers of dietary supplements regularly introduce new solutions to the market, which are supposed to be even more perfect and guarantee even more effective action. All this is to meet the growing expectations of the most advanced people. However, it is worth remembering that supplementation is reserved for more than just people with extensive seniority in sports. Even beginners can reach for supplements that will positively impact their training.

The Vibe pre-workout from DNA Sports is a prime example of this. The manufacturer points out that this product is aimed at beginners just starting their adventure with sports supplementation. Therefore, there are no solutions for those with slightly more training experience. Vibe Pre-Workout only contains proven ingredients with a straightforward yet effective effect.

So what exactly can be found in this supplement? The answer can be found in the list of active ingredients below:

– Citrulline malate was created by combining citrulline with malic acid. This synergy is very beneficial, as it increases the effectiveness of citrulline. But what does this action consist of? Citrulline increases nitric oxide synthesis, thus providing a more robust muscle pump and more efficient blood transport to the muscle fibres.

– Beta-alanine – a thoroughly researched amino acid that effectively increases muscle endurance. This mechanism is due to several reasons. Firstly, beta-alanine delays the onset of lactic acid in muscle fibres. Secondly, it increases carnosine levels in the muscles. Both of these effects are linked to increased muscle endurance and an increase in muscle resistance to external stresses.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine has a significant influence on the correct functioning of our organisms. This compound synthesises certain hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. Supplementation with tyrosine can therefore lead to an increase in the concentration of these hormones in the nervous system. This, in turn, will support so-called cognitive function and training performance.

– Caffeine anhydrous – Many pre-workout supplements contain numerous compounds with stimulating effects. Popular caffeine is a good choice for beginners but in an enhanced form. Anhydrous caffeine works longer and more effectively than its standard counterpart.

– Infienergy™ – the second ingredient with a stimulating effect is a patented formulation called Infienergy™. Its active ingredient is a specific type of caffeine malate. It has an even higher bioavailability, thus providing a more sustained stimulation. Furthermore, Infienergy™ works synergistically with the anhydrous caffeine described above.

– Kigelia Africana extract – African kigelia is a species of tree that grows in Africa. Extracts extracted from its bark contain compounds that can increase training performance. This effect is mainly because they can reduce muscle pain and thus increase endurance.

– Vitamin B3 – interestingly, the human body can produce vitamin B3 independently. So why supplement it? The answer is simple. The natural synthesis of vitamin B3 is too low to cover the complete requirements of the body, which needs more vitamin B3 during periods of intense activity. Moreover, niacin itself is responsible for several essential functions. It regulates the nervous and endocrine systems. For this reason, its possible deficiency can hurt mood and sporting performance.

– AstraGin™ – The patented AstraGin™ formulation was created by combining the active compounds in false ginseng and membranous astragalus. This combination is not accidental, as both plants have fascinating blends. They work by increasing the bioavailability of substances entering the body. In other words, they can make our bodies better use our supplements. This is why AstraGin™ is often used by nutritional manufacturers who want to increase the effectiveness of their formulations.


DNA Sports recommends using one scoop of the supplement (approximately 10 g). This amount of supplement should be mixed with water and drunk half an hour before training.