EX4EX DRY GAIN 60 caps- Non-Steroidal Muscle Enhancers


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The term “recomposition” is gaining popularity in the broader fitness world. It means a complete modification of the silhouette while maintaining similar body weight. How can you achieve such an effect? The key to success is simultaneously building muscle mass and burning fat tissue. Such training can be extremely exhausting, but it brings spectacular results!

Special supplements are worth using to make the recomposition process even more effective. One of the best choices is Dry Gain capsules from EX4EX. The manufacturer has described this inconspicuous preparation as the king of recomposition. What is essential is that the properties of Dry Gain prove this is not an exaggerated statement.

The composition of this preparation is based on three different complexes. Here are their composition and properties:

1. Recomposition Anabolic System:

– Laxosterone™ – the patented preparation Laxosterone™ is a unique compound made from substances of natural origin. Its manufacturer declares that Laxosterone™ can increase the effectiveness of protein synthesis in the body by 200%! This provides excellent anabolic effects. In addition, Laxosterone™ helps increase strength and endurance and improves regeneration.

– D-PLEX™ – another compound with an utterly unique specificity is D-PLEX™. This formula has become a popular prohormone among many athletes because it has relatively mild effects. Nevertheless, it can increase the body’s anabolism, ensuring more impressive muscle gains.

– Trenadrol™ – Another patented ingredient in Dry Gain capsules is Trenadrol™. It’s not a single compound, though, comprising 3 different prohormones. These are trenavar, halodrol, and ligandrol. This combination ensures Trenadrol™ delivers visible results. It is one of the most potent supplements with anabolic activity by far.

2 Liver Support Complex:

– N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – some compounds described above can negatively affect liver function. That’s why EX4EX has added substances to Dry Gain capsules that will support the function of this organ. One of them is NAC or N-acetylcysteine. It has exciting properties, supporting glucose metabolism and enhancing insulin sensitivity. It also supports liver function and increases the effectiveness of compounds in the antioxidant group.

– Milk thistle extract – many different plants contain compounds that positively affect liver function. However, milk thistle is the most commonly used remedy for liver or biliary problems. For this reason, Dry Gain could not lack a high-quality thistle extract.

– Tudca (tauroursodeoxycholic acid) – Tudca is currently one of the most popular supplements with cleansing effects. It helps the body in removing toxins and thus further supports liver function.

– Rosemary acid – as the name suggests, rosemary acid is extracted from fresh rosemary. Such acid has powerful antioxidant properties and simultaneously shows protective effects on liver cells.

3 Drug Bio-delivery system:

– Vitamin E – the assimilability of ingested nutrients depends mainly on the efficiency of metabolic metabolism. Vitamin E is one of the compounds responsible for such metabolism. This is why additional vitamin E supplementation is beneficial for athletes.

– Grape seed extract – Grape seeds contain various nutrients of natural origin. In the case of grape seeds, these are mainly antioxidants, i.e. compounds supporting the fight of free radicals. High levels of such substances in the body can accelerate muscle regeneration and combat soreness.

-Piperine (standardized to 98% active ingredient) – piperine is a compound that increases nutrient absorption. Thanks to piperine, supplementation can be more effective.

– Naringenin – is another flavonoid with powerful antioxidant properties that further strengthen blood vessels. Some studies also claim that naringenin can lower blood cholesterol levels!


The manufacturer recommends three capsules per day, divided into three servings with meals at different times.


The Dry Gain capsules from EX4EX, designed for body recomposition—simultaneously building muscle mass and reducing fat tissue—incorporate a sophisticated blend of compounds across three primary complexes: the Recomposition Anabolic System, Liver Support Complex, and Drug Bio-delivery System. To maximize the benefits of Dry Gain for achieving a leaner, more muscular physique, here’s how you could structure the dosing, cycle, and supportive measures:

Dosing Protocol

Daily Intake: As the manufacturer recommends, take three capsules daily.

Timing: Divide the dosage into three servings with meals throughout the day to enhance absorption and effectiveness.

Cycling Protocol

Given the potent blend of anabolic agents and liver support ingredients, a structured cycle approach is advisable:

Cycle Duration: A typical cycle could last 8-12 weeks, depending on individual tolerance and goals.

Cycle Break: After completing a cycle, taking a break of at least 4-6 weeks is recommended. This off-cycle period allows your body to normalize and reduces the risk of developing tolerance to the supplement’s effects.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Although Dry Gain includes components aimed at supporting liver health and nutrient absorption, and it’s designed to be less harsh than traditional anabolic steroids, a PCT phase may still be beneficial, especially given the presence of prohormone-like compounds:

Necessity of PCT: A PCT regimen can help stabilize hormone levels and support liver health post-cycle.

PCT Supplements: Consider natural testosterone boosters and additional liver support supplements. Products containing ingredients like D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek, or Ashwagandha may support natural hormone production while continuing with liver aids like NAC and Milk Thistle could be beneficial.

On-Cycle Support

The Liver Support Complex within Dry Gain is designed to mitigate some of the potential hepatic stress from its potent anabolic components. However, users may still benefit from additional protective measures:

Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatories: Omega-3 fatty acids and additional Vitamin E can support overall health.

Hydration: Increased water intake can help support liver function and overall metabolic processes.

Duration of Use and Breaks

Monitoring Response: Pay attention to your body’s response throughout the cycle and adjust as necessary. Consider stopping use and consulting a healthcare provider if adverse effects are observed.

Long-Term Planning: Limit cycles to 2-3 per year to prevent undue stress on the body.

Warnings and Precautions

Medical Consultation: Before starting any new supplement regimen, especially one containing potent ingredients like Dry Gain, consult a healthcare professional.

Contraindications: Individuals with preexisting medical conditions, particularly liver or heart conditions, should exercise caution and ideally avoid such supplements.