Hi-Tech Jack`d up DMHA 250grams


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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Jack’D Up is a well-known and highly regarded pre-workout, one of the few best and weel know pre-workout supplements on the global market. Its seemingly uncomplicated composition shows incredible effectiveness. 

The composition of the Jack’D Up product includes, among others:

Beta-alanine – an amino acid responsible for maintaining the acid-base balance in the body. It works perfectly as an antioxidant.

Creatine monohydrate – one of the most popular forms of creatine. It causes an increase in strength and lean muscle mass. Moreover, it participates in protein synthesis and ATP regeneration.

Caffeine is anhydrous – caffeine is undoubtedly the most popular and most commonly used stimulant. Practically everyone takes a daily dose of caffeine as coffee or tea. However, the Koka Labz company has decided to use a slightly different caffeine, namely an anhydrous version of this compound. Anhydrous caffeine works similarly, as it effectively stimulates the body and eliminates the feeling of tiredness. Thanks to its convenient powdered form, you can take it quickly.

L-Arginine – The best-known property of arginine is the synthesis of nitric oxide – a substance that dilates blood vessels. Thus, arginine contributes to more efficient and faster transport of nutrients and oxygen to working cells and removes toxic metabolic compounds, inhibiting metabolic processes.

DMHA – is a stimulant chemical compound that is an excellent alternative to BMPEA, AMP and DMAA. A central nervous system stimulant increases the number of essential neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine. It is counted among brain boosters – substances that support brain function. It reduces stress and fatigue and improves memory and concentration. It helps them focus on action, brightens the mind, and increases creativity and ability to work in a team. DMHA also has a protective effect on the brain against unhealthy stress and external factors. It is unique among stimulants because it does not degenerate the brain. In addition, it acts as a pre-workout – reducing stress and physical fatigue.

augments- The action of augments, a nitric oxide precursor, is related to its interaction with alpha-adrenergic and imidazole receptors. It also significantly affects the activity of the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase and NOS isoenzymes. The right dose of augment effectively stimulates nitric oxide secretion in the human body. This translates into a feeling of intense muscle pump. In addition, dilating blood vessels helps blood and nutrients flow to working muscles, supporting their regeneration and construction.

Studies using augments have shown that its action can support protein synthesis up to two times. In addition to the act of Augments itself, it is also associated with an activity that increases the supply of building blocks to muscle tissue.


One serving 30 minutes before the workout.