Kilo Labs DROWZz Night Time Sleep Formula 452g


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Every day you exercise at full intensity, take care of your diet, and strictly follow your training plan. However, despite this, you need to achieve the results that should be within your reach. What could be the reason for this? In many cases, it turns out that the fault lies (literally!) in sleep or, instead, in recovery in the broadest sense. Nowadays, sleep problems have almost become a symbol of the times, as most people have trouble falling asleep at least once in a while or complain about poor sleep quality. Unfortunately, you need to be aware that, in the long run, such a situation can affect your efficiency at the gym.

So how can you remedy this? First, it is worth implementing basic sleep hygiene principles. In addition to this, certain dietary supplements can be additional support. An exciting alternative has appeared in the offer of the company Kilo Labs. DROWNZz Night Time Sleep Formula is a product aimed at people who want to improve the quality of their sleep. On the one hand, this supplement is supposed to influence better and longer sleep, and on the other hand, support the regeneration of the body. Thanks to this, its action turns out to be effective.

The composition of DROWZz is based on proven active substances. These are primarily:

– InstAminos™ – the patented InstAminos™ formula was created through special laboratory processing of prevalent BCAA amino acids. Such processing has dramatically increased their effectiveness. As a result, InstAminos™ is a preparation that can support the body in muscle fibre regeneration.
– Collagen peptides – daily stress can take a heavy toll on the state of the skin. Moreover, intense physical activity promotes the formation of various abrasions and injuries. That is why the composition of Kilo Labz DROWZz includes collagen peptides. With regular use, they can significantly improve the nutrition and condition of the skin. This is undoubtedly essential for those who want to enjoy the best-looking figure possible.
– L-glutamine – glutamine is one substance that plays a vital role in our bodies. Among other things, this amino acid participates in regeneration and muscle expansion processes. In addition, glutamine regulates the metabolism of the intestines and also helps in the absorption of nutrients from food.
– Phenibut is a synthetic derivative of GABA or the well-known gamma-aminobutyric acid. The properties of phenibut are sure to be of interest to active people, as the described compound can both promote recovery and improve overall performance levels. In addition, it has nootropic properties that can positively affect concentration, for example.
– L-arginine – arginine is best known as a compound that increases nitric oxide synthesis. However, it is also worth remembering its other properties. Arginine is also involved in the process of muscle tissue regeneration, and it also affects protein synthesis. These two aspects make it an essential compound for body regeneration.
– L-ornithine – numerous everyday situations become a source of stress, raising cortisol levels in the body. Unfortunately, high cortisol levels are associated with many adverse effects. A classic example of such a condition is sleep problems. Fortunately, L-ornithine can help reduce cortisol levels. As a result, it will indirectly promote falling asleep and the quality of sleep itself.
– 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) – under the name 5-HTP, is a compound precursor of the well-known serotonin. Therefore, it has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system. Its action concerns the improvement of perceived mood and the beneficial effect on the length and quality of sleep. For this reason, 5-HTP becomes a perfect supplement for those who want to increase recovery efficiency.
– Melatonin is one of the most important compounds for our sleep. Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, is responsible for initiating processes in the body related to falling asleep. It probably doesn’t need to be explained why its deficiency can have serious consequences. To make matters worse, the blue light emitted, for example, by laptop and smartphone screens, inhibits melatonin secretion. Therefore, an extra dose of it in the form of supplementation can benefit falling asleep time and sleep quality.


The manufacturer recommends taking 1/2, 1 or 2 scoops of the product (depending on your needs and tolerance) about 20-30 minutes before bed.