Muscle Force Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout 25 servings


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Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre-Workout supplement from the Muscle Force range is a real treat for any athlete who is also a fan of the cult movie “Scarface”. Thanks to this supplement, you can enter the gym and start training with an energy worthy of Tony Montana.

The composition of this product is based on four different blends. The first is responsible for increasing the level of perceived energy and power. The second is designed to support critical cognitive and mental functions. On the other hand, the third is already a typical blend containing stimulating compounds, which aims to remove the enemies of fatigue and lack of energy. The last complex, in turn, is supposed to increase the bioavailability of the other active compounds.

What ingredients can be found in each of the mentioned blends? Here they are:

1. Money, Power, Pumps Matrix:

– Citrulline malate – usually citrulline appears in dietary supplements in doses of 1-3 grams as a muscle pump booster. However, the Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre-Workout nutrient is an exception. You can find as much as 7 grams of citrulline in one recommended supplement dose. Such an amount is difficult to find in other similar supplements, and for this reason alone, it is worth paying attention to the Muscle Force product.

– Beta-alanine – what can supplement such a hefty dose of citrulline? There can be only one answer, and that is beta-alanine. Thanks to it, you will be able to increase the endurance of your muscles further.

2 Mind Control Mafia:

– Choline bicinate – choline combined with bicinate effectively supports various cognitive functions. In addition, it positively affects fat metabolism, which can be especially important for those struggling with weight gain.

– L-tyrosine – the mechanism of action of tyrosine is to support the synthesis of dopamine and other compounds that are very important for the functioning of the nervous system. In addition, tyrosine helps maintain focus, concentration and memorization of new messages.

– Lion’s Mane extract (standardized to a minimum of 30% polysaccharides) – Lion’s Mane mushroom not only has a unique appearance but equally unique properties. The active compounds and polysaccharides it contains exhibit nootropic effects. Thus, Lion’s Mane extract will support brain function and neuronal regeneration.

– Noopept – synthetic noopept is characterized by very high efficacy in improving cognitive abilities. In addition, researchers indicate that it may also have antidepressant and neuroprotective effects.

– Extract from the plant Huperzia Serrata (contains 1% huperzine) – huperzine as an active compound shows protective effects on brain cells while supporting cognitive function.

3 “Say hello” Stimulants:

– Caffeine anhydrous – this caffeine lasts longer and is more potent than natural caffeine. Therefore, the anhydrous form of this compound is often used in quality dietary supplements.

– Walnut extract (DMHA) – the stimulating effect of the walnut extract is due to certain active compounds, similar to the popular DMHA in terms of action. Combining them with anhydrous caffeine can provide an even more intense effect.

– BMPEA – this compound accelerates the heart rate and has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. These qualities led to its inclusion in the composition of the described nutrient.

– Eria Jarensis – Eria Jarensis has been making a real splash on the dietary supplement market for several years. The great interest in the properties of this plant is due to its stimulating properties. For this reason, Eria Jarensis is readily used by people who complain of too-low energy levels

.– Theobromine – theobromine is a natural alkaloid with stimulating effects. Studies have shown that it can dilate blood vessels and the respiratory tract. Both of these effects will be of great benefit to athletes who are preparing for demanding training or competition.

4 Al Pacino Absorption:

– AstraGin™ – Proper supplementation must consist of two elements. The first is to use a well-chosen blend of active ingredients, and the second is to ensure that these compounds are highly absorbable. As for the level of such assimilability, the patented AstraGin™ formulation contains substances that increase the availability of other active compounds. Thus, this supplement is readily used by manufacturers of quality nutritional supplements.


Mix one scoop of the product (16 g) with water and drink approximately 25-30 minutes before training.