Skull labs Angel Dust Next-Gen 260g


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Despite appearances, intensive physical activity puts a strain on our body and muscles and the nervous system. This is due to, among other things, increased secretion of certain hormones and numerous stimuli that occur during physical activity. For this reason, a comprehensive regeneration of the body should include both physical and mental rest.

Skull Labs understands this perfectly. That is why the new Angel Dust Nex-Gen is the answer to the needs of the most demanding athletes. This is a dual-action supplement. On the one hand, it provides effective stimulation and an extra dose of energy before training. But, on the other hand, it ensures a much more effective body regeneration after training.

Skull Labs has developed a proven blend of various active substances to achieve this effect. It contains ingredients such as:

– Beta-alanine – it would be hard to find a better supplement than beta-alanine to increase endurance and performance. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the positive effect of beta-alanine on the results achieved by athletes. So if you want to increase your endurance, a supplement with beta-alanine is a must!

– Betaine – the role of betaine mainly concerns influencing the correct functioning of the digestive system. Thanks to betaine, the body can digest the ingested food faster and assimilate its nutrients more effectively. However, the action of betaine is not limited only to the digestive system. This compound is also supposed to affect muscle work and protein synthesis positively. For this reason, betaine is a good choice for people who train for strength.

– L-tyrosine – the popular tyrosine provides two essential benefits for people in training. First, it enhances the secretion of dopamine and adrenaline. These hormones significantly increase training capacity and reduce fatigue. Secondly, tyrosine influences thyroid function, particularly the synthesis of hormones responsible for metabolism. Such supplementation may help in the fight against excess weight.

– GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) – there are special receptors in our brains responsible for GABA uptake. This goes to show how important this substance is. Gamma-aminobutyric acid belongs to a group of amino acids, and it works by blocking impulses transmitted between neurons. Thanks to this, GABA is very effective in calming down the body, facilitating the achievement of relaxation and improving sleep quality.

– Caffeine – the effects of caffeine are known practically to all adult people. It remains the most famous stimulant to this day. Angel Dust Next-Gen contains as much as 400 milligrams of caffeine per serving!

– Choline Bitartrate – Choline Bipartite is made by combining tartaric acid with choline. Interestingly, the compound in this form is a direct precursor of acetylcholine, the hormone responsible for cognitive abilities, among other things. When it comes to its supplementation, it leads to increased levels of acetylcholine in the body. This, in turn, provides several benefits such as increased energy, reduction of perceived fatigue, and increased readiness for action.

– Alpha-GPC (choline alphosphate) – Alpha-GPC is another modified form of choline. In this variety, choline improves cognitive abilities and enhances the body’s motor skills. This is particularly desirable for athletes who want maximum efficiency and coordination.

– L-theanine – L-theanine contained in green tea has a fascinating effect. It increases the levels of critical neurotransmitters, resulting in a strong feeling of relaxation. This, in turn, makes L-theanine a perfect supplement for post-workout regeneration.

– Niacin – Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is an essential compound for our nervous system. Niacin is responsible for hormone synthesis, fatty acid metabolism and controlling blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, proper niacin levels are significant for people who practice figure sports.

– Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) – vitamin B6 also has a similar effect. However, pyridoxine is not only responsible for the nervous system and metabolism but also influences heart and muscle function. Thus, it comprehensively supports the bodies of athletes.


Mix one scoop of the product (4.5 g) with water and consume before exercise.