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Alpha Lion Superhuman Woman – Hormone Balancing Performance Drink 270g

A properly functioning hormone balance is one of the primary indicators of our health. Hormones perform critical functions in both male and female bodies. Men pay particular attention to testosterone levels as it is the most important male sex hormone. Interestingly, even in male bodies, there are some amounts of estrogen, the female hormones. However, it is the proper concentration of testosterone that is critical to men’s hormonal balance.

Women’s hormonal balance, on the other hand, is much more complex. The first fiddle is played by estrogens, the primary female sex hormones. Estrogen is synthesized primarily in the ovaries, although other organs may also produce trace amounts of these hormones. Estrogens are mainly responsible for the development of so-called female sexual characteristics during puberty. In later stages of life, however, these hormones have a key influence on the proper functioning of the reproductive system. The health of the skin, hair, and nails may also depend on estrogen.

While estrogen may be considered the equivalent of testosterone, a woman’s endocrine system relies on other hormones as well. Suffice it to mention progesterone, which largely controls the course of ovulatory cycles. Its deficiency may lead to disorders or even the complete disappearance of menstruation. It is also impossible to overlook androgens such as androstenedione and testosterone. The role of these hormones is extensive, and it can be said that they affect the entire body.

Unfortunately, female hormone management is more complex and much more prone to hormonal fluctuations. The very course of the ovulatory cycle causes a real storm of different hormones. External factors can have a very similar effect: stress, medication, and lifestyle. It is also worth noting that many women use hormonal contraception, which also affects the body.

What is worse, the effects of hormonal fluctuations are severe. Women struggling with this problem may experience numerous ailments, such as:

– chronic fatigue;
– headaches;
– irritability and sudden mood swings;
– increased water retention resulting in weight gain.

Therefore, Alpha Lion has created a solution for all women who want to avoid hormonal imbalance. This is the unique supplement Superhuman Woman! Its composition is based on a combination of many ingredients. The basis of this preparation is four unique blends containing numerous nutrients and minerals. So it is worth briefly presenting their properties.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Post 25 servings

Superhuman Woman All Day Energy, Mood and Stress Control

As the name suggests, the first blend was created to support the nervous system. Hormonal fluctuations can cause numerous discomforts related to poor mood and lowered energy levels. What’s worse, everyday stress usually intensifies these feelings. So to remedy this, Alpha Lion has created a unique blend based on three ingredients:

L-tyrosine – the left-handed isomer of tyrosine is a supplement equivalent to tyrosine, one of the essential endogenous amino acids. Tyrosine has a very pronounced effect on the nervous system. Its deficiency may cause frequent depressive states, weakness, and significantly lower energy levels. In addition, tyrosine affects thyroid function. As we know, more and more people are experiencing problems caused by the malfunctioning of this gland. All of this makes daily supplementation with L-tyrosine a good idea.

KSM-66™ Ashwagandha (extract standardized to 5% withanolides) – the number of studies confirming the positive effects of ashwagandha on our body is growing at an exponential rate. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of available preparations containing “Indian ginseng” is constantly growing. However, it is worth noting a unique type of supplement called KSM-66™. This patented formula contains ashwagandha extract with standardized content of 5% withanolides. These are primarily responsible for lowering stress levels and improving mood. The standardization makes KSM-66™ superior to many other ashwagandha supplements.

EnXtra™ (more excellent galangal extract) – Galangal is a plant that can be considered the equivalent of ginger. It has slightly different flavor properties, making its use in cooking equally broad. However, scientists are interested in galangal for another reason. Well, this plant has long been used in natural medicine. What’s more, studies conducted seem to confirm its health-promoting properties. This is mainly due to the action of an active substance known as galangal. This compound has an antibacterial effect and also has an intense anti-inflammatory action. Some studies have shown that galanin can also help with weight loss. Of course, EnXtra™ is a patented galangal extract with strictly defined properties. Thus, it provides much better results than extracts without any standardization.

Superhuman Woman Weight Management

Changes in the female hormonal balance often result in rapid weight gain or loss. This effect is not always desirable, so it is worth preventing it. The second of the blends included in the Superhuman Woman formula can help. The combination referred to as Woman Weight Management is based on two ingredients:

Acetylated L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is currently one of the most commonly used ingredients in various dietary supplements. Why? Because L-carnitine is credited with weight loss-enhancing properties. Of course, these are important, but the acetylated form of this compound is also worth noting. ALCAR also improves glucose metabolism and increases the body’s susceptibility to insulin. However, it has just as much of an effect on the nervous system. Studies have shown that this compound can improve acetylcholine synthesis, a hormone responsible for mental performance. Apart from that, it has a neuroprotective effect.
Cocoabuterol™ (standardized to 50% alkaloid content) – dark chocolate and other products containing cocoa have long been considered so-called superfoods. This is no coincidence. Cocoa beans contain a lot of health-promoting substances. However, the most interesting are two alkaloids, namely theobromine, and caffeine. There is no point in writing here about the properties of caffeine because it is the most popular stimulant in the world. However, only a few people know the exciting properties of theobromine. It is an alkaloid potentially poisonous to animals that cannot metabolize it properly. However, when it comes to humans, our body reacts entirely differently to theobromine. First of all, it speeds up heart rate and dilates blood vessels. This makes it perfect as a supplement for people aiming to lose weight. In addition, it also supports hormonal balance. Of course, Cocoabuterol™ is a particular type of cocoa bean extract that contains up to 50% alkaloids (primarily theobromine).

Superhuman Woman Hormone Balancing

The third blend is dedicated to normalizing and reducing fluctuations occurring in the hormonal balance. Such action will be significant for women who experience problems in this area. Alpha Lion has relied on three proven ingredients:

Myo-inositol – for several years, researchers have been devoting more and more attention to inositol, a natural substance found mainly in citrus fruits and nuts. This increased interest has come about as a result of a significant discovery. It turned out that inositol intake can relieve symptoms and improve the condition of patients suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The most recent hypotheses explain this by the positive influence of inositol on the whole hormonal economy of women. This form of supplementation may prove to be beneficial!

Vitex agnus castus extract – Vitex agnus castus is, at first glance, very similar to lavender. Both of these plants have beautiful purple flowers. In addition, they share medicinal properties, although they are entirely different. Immaculate contains substances that are very effective in relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). In addition, they have a beneficial effect on the course of the ovulatory cycle. Immaculata is one of the best-known plants that positively affects female hormonal balance. Therefore, it could not be missing in such a preparation!

DIM (3-diindolylmethane) – DIM is a unique substance created in our body during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables. This is because they contain a specific enzyme that activates the synthesis of the mentioned compound. Why is it worth supplementing DIM also in its external form? The reason is straightforward. DIM has a very beneficial effect on endocrine function. Some researchers suggest that it may even protect against the development of so-called hormone-dependent cancers (e.g., breast cancer).

Chaos Crew DIM Estrogen Management 90 caps

Superhuman Woman Performance and Hydration

The last blend is a nod to, particularly active women. All studies show that regular physical exercise is an irreplaceable way to maintain balance in the hormonal economy. Of course, with such exercise, you need to keep other aspects in mind as well. The best example is the issue of hydration and regular replenishment of hormone levels. Electrolytes and minerals. For this reason, the blend described above includes:

Taurine – Caffeine, and taurine are the two most commonly used stimulants. However, taurine also has other properties. Research has shown that this amino acid can accelerate muscle regeneration by reducing catabolic processes. This makes taurine suitable for all people who engage in physical activity.

Potassium gluconate – during regular exercise, our body washes away numerous electrolytes together with sweat. If you don’t take care to replenish them, you’ll quickly feel the adverse effects of a deficiency. Potassium is undoubtedly one of the most important electrolytes. Without it, the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous systems would be impossible. For this reason, potassium supplementation is a crucial issue for all active individuals. Fortunately, Alpha Lion has opted for potassium gluconate, a highly bioavailable form.

AquaMin™ (micronutrients isolated from red algae) – seaweeds and algae contain a true wealth of nutrients. That is why spirulina has become such a popular addition to the everyday diet of many people. However, you should not limit yourself only to green algae because their red varieties are equally valuable. They are the basis for AquaMin™, which contains a rich mix of mineral substances. This makes it easy to replenish any nutrient deficiencies.

TRACSS™ (magnesium) – not many people realize how important an adequate magnesium level is for human health. This element protects us from muscle spasms and influences the functioning of the nervous system. This, in turn, means that magnesium helps, e.g., in depressive states and also relieves PMS symptoms. TRACSS™ contains magnesium chelate, which has the highest absorption rate. It is, therefore, the most effective form of supplementation of this element.

Calci-K (calcium, potassium, and phosphorus) – Calci-K combines calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Each of these elements has a significant impact on the functioning of our body. Unfortunately, their deficiencies turn out to be a fairly common problem. For this reason, there is a unique preparation Calci-K containing well-absorbed forms of these elements. Thus, you can easily balance their levels through convenient supplementation.

Sodium chloride – the primary ingredient in table salt is sodium chloride. Although nutritionists often criticize salt itself, sodium is an essential element for our health. Of course, its excess (resulting mainly from excessive salt consumption) will not be beneficial. However, sodium deficiency can cause equally severe symptoms, such as constant fatigue, weakness, lethargy, and headaches. Moreover, sodium is flushed out of the body during physical activity. Therefore, it is equally important to periodically replenish any deficiency.

TRACSS™ (zinc) – zinc supplementation is most often mentioned in the case of men. However, this does not mean that women should not take it. Quite the contrary! There is a reason why zinc is called the mineral of beauty. Among other things, it is responsible for the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. In addition, zinc can also: support vision, improve memory, and support the immune system.

BioPerine™ (black pepper extract standardized to 95% piperine) – freshly ground pepper is an obligatory addition to hot meals for many people. However, the taste is not the only asset of black pepper. Its seeds contain an active substance with unique properties. Piperine is mainly used as a supplement aiding weight loss. All due to the fact that it effectively speeds up metabolism. Therefore, such a supplement will surely be liked by individuals who want to lose a few extra pounds.

Hi-Tech Estrogenex® 2nd Generation 90ct


The producer recommends taking one serving of the supplement daily. Inside the pack, there is a unique spoon, which allows you to measure the recommended serving (9 grams). One package contains 30 suggested servings.