Toxic Pharma Laser Melt Pre-workout 300g


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From the very beginning of its operations, Toxic Pharma has clearly defined its mission. It is to create the best and most effective supplements designed exclusively for the most demanding people. A nutrient combination of a so-called pre-workout and fat burner, Laser Melt, also falls into this category.

Scientists have discovered various compounds that stimulate the body and simultaneously facilitate the burning of stored fat. That’s why manufacturers of dietary supplements choose several such compounds and create other products based on them. However, Toxic Pharma has taken a completely different strategy: to put as many ingredients as possible in one supplement. For this reason, Laser Melt impresses with its overall composition and multidirectional action!

The most important active compounds contained in this nutrient are:

– B vitamin complex, vitamin C and vitamin D – before you start building a house, you need to lay a solid foundation. In the case of the body, such foundations are vitamins, i.e. compounds of crucial importance for the excellent work of our body. Therefore, correcting their deficiencies will be the first step on the road to very effective supplementation.

– L-citrulline and citrulline malate – improved endurance and more intense muscle pump; these are the two most important benefits of citrulline.

– Beta-alanine – the title of the best-researched supplement did not come by chance. Beta-alanine effectively increases the body’s exercise endurance and accelerates muscle recovery.

– Creatine HCL – Creatine is the most widely used supplement in strength sports. However, it is worth mentioning that HCL, or creatine hydrochloride, exhibits lower water retention. For this reason, it can be a good choice for bodybuilding athletes.

– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine – this unique tyrosine type promotes mass muscle expansion. It helps in the fight against weight gain.

– L-carnitine (in two forms) – to this day, L-carnitine is the most popular compound supporting weight loss. Therefore, it could not be missing in Laser Melt.

– Anhydrous caffeine – the anhydrous form of caffeine is one of the best alternatives to increase energy levels and reduce perceived fatigue quickly.

– Taurine – taurine supports muscle function and accelerates fat burning.

– Norvaline – this amino acid markedly enhances arginine synthesis and, at the same time, increases its anabolic potential.

– L-theanine – the most well-known property of L-theanine is its calming effect. However, it is worth knowing that this compound also positively affects cognitive abilities.

 DMHA – this compound was supposed to be the successor to DMAA, which has been restricted in many countries. However, Toxic Pharma has combined these substances in one nutrient!

– Green tea extract 98% contains additional L-theanine and other beneficial compounds in green tea leaves.

– Citrus aurantium, Hordenine, Halostachine and Theobromine HCL – all the described alkaloids stimulate or accelerate fat burning.

– N-N-DMPEA – this substance occurs naturally in a plant known as Eria Jarensis. N-N-DMPEA has a strong stimulating effect, making it an effective energy booster.

– Higenamine – is another alkaloid with stimulating properties.

– Grape seed extract – grape seed extract is an ideal source of antioxidants and compounds that promote weight loss.

– C.ardarine  – cardarine is a selective activator of PPAR receptors and one of the most effective fat burners!

– Methyl-Citrus aurantium HCL – this form of Citrus aurantium stimulates the heart rate and speeds up oxygen exchange.

– Gamma-butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester – this compound markedly increases the intensity of nitric oxide synthesis, which intensifies the perceived muscle pump.

– Black pepper extract – the piperine contained in black pepper makes numerous nutrients better absorbed by the body.

– N-methyltyramine – this natural alkaloid accelerates fat burning and effectively stimulates the body.

– Naringenin – the increasingly popular naringenin promotes fatty acid oxidation and thus supports weight reduction.

– Aphrodyne – in recent years, Aphrodyne has become a real hit among stimulants. On the one hand, it has a stimulating effect; on the other, it supports fat burning.


Mix one scoop of conditioner (10 g) with water and drink 15-20 minutes before training.