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TWP Nutrition entered the market with considerable momentum. In its assortment from the very beginning, one could find dietary supplements that positively surprised with their quality and performance. One of the brand’s flagship products quite quickly became the pre-workout LFT SHT. The balanced combination of active substances provided a stimulating effect and good preparation for the upcoming workout.

Now TWP Nutrition is following the blow and launching the second generation of its popular pre-workout. The manufacturer has again relied on a combination of stimulants and other active compounds, but the formula is even more decadent this time. If you liked the first version of the LFT SHT conditioner, its reformulation should also meet your expectations.

So what can you expect? LFT SHT V2 pre-workout contains as many as five different blends. Here are the most important active compounds contained in this supplement:

1. Standard:

– Beta-alanine – the primary ingredient in most pre-workout supplements is beta-alanine. This compound effectively supports the achievement of higher performance and muscular endurance.

– L-taurine – the health-promoting qualities of taurine relate primarily to its beneficial effects on the nervous system. However, in addition to this, taurine also supports the rebuilding of muscle fibres after training. For this reason, athletes are very keen on this amino acid.

– Vitamin B3 (niacin) – all B vitamins are essential for the proper work of the nervous system. Suffice it to say that a niacin deficiency can, over time, lead to lowered mood and increased susceptibility to anxiety and stress. That’s why athletes need to ensure proper levels of this vitamin.

2 Neuroforce:

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine is one of the compounds that are involved in the synthesis of various neurotransmitters. Thus, tyrosine supplementation can help increase dopamine and adrenaline levels. They, in turn, will significantly benefit the body’s capabilities during physical activity.

– Choline dihydrate – regular supplementation of choline dihydrate will increase acetylcholine levels in the nervous system. This is very important since acetylcholine is responsible for the proper functioning of so-called cognitive abilities (e.g. the ability to maintain concentration).

3 Alphapure:

– Alpha-GPC 99% – a highly concentrated form of choline alphoscerate is a compound that can provide very significant health benefits. Of course, the improved cognitive abilities resulting from using choline-containing formulas can be mentioned here again. However, studies have shown that alpha-GPC may additionally promote better athletic performance.

4 Lft Stim Hit:

– Anhydrous caffeine – caffeine in anhydrous form works much more effectively than natural caffeine. For this reason, it is very often chosen by people who need a more intense boost.

– African kigelia extract – African kigelia, also known as “sausage tree,” contains stimulating compounds that simultaneously reduce the body’s sensitivity to oxidative stress.

– Geranium extract (DM*A) – extracts extracted from geranium are still the commonly used form of DMAA today. Because of this, they guarantee a strong stimulant effect with a simultaneous stimulating effect. Geranium can help people who, after a hard day, no longer have the strength to complete their planned workout.

– Bitter orange extract – various bitter orange quotes often end up in the formulation of fat burners due to their thermogenic properties. Of course, they are essential, but it is worth remembering that the compounds contained in bitter orange also have other properties. In some people, for example, they can have a calming effect and thus help fight stress.

– Methyloliberin as Dynamine™ – the compound contained in the patented Dynamine™ formula has one task: to provide an instant energy boost. In this regard, Dynamine™ works extremely fast, which is its significant advantage.

5 Absorption:

– AstraGin™ – taking preparations containing proven active substances may not be enough if the body only slightly absorbs them. That’s why the LFT SHT V2 pre-workout formula includes the patented AstraGin™, which increases the bioavailability of such compounds.


The recommended single dose of LFT SHT V2 pre-workout is one scoop (about 13 g). It should be mixed with water and drunk approximately 30 minutes before training.