Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V6 40 servings


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The Apollon Nutrition company has already introduced a variety of supplements to the market. However, there is no doubt that the best-known product from its offer is the Hooligan pre-workout. Its first edition gained much recognition among people practising bodybuilding and strength sports years ago. Since then, the manufacturer has carried out numerous reformulations that have slightly changed the character of this pre-workout. However, Hooligan is still quality in itself!

Now, Apollon Nutrition is back on the market with the sixth edition of this cult nutrient. Of course, Hooligan V6 refers to the well-known quality because its composition is based only on proven active substances. Nevertheless, each reformulation brings some changes to this cult nutrient. So what changes have come to the sixth generation of Hooligan?

Here are the essential ingredients found in this pre-workout:

– L-Citrulline – A more impressive muscle pump and increased endurance are two key benefits of citrulline supplementation. This compound can perfectly prepare your muscles for the upcoming workout. That’s why citrulline is a fundamental ingredient in many pre-workout supplements.

– Beta-alanine supplementation is the easiest way to increase muscle endurance quickly. This compound has been extensively researched, and there is no doubt about its effectiveness.

– Betaine anhydrous – natural betaine effectively reduces homocysteine levels and, at the same time, acts as an antioxidant. Therefore, it effectively supports the regeneration of the body after workouts.

– L-tyrosine – a strong feeling of fatigue can take away your motivation to train again. That’s why athletes should regularly supplement with tyrosine, which reduces the mental and physical feeling of fatigue.

– Agmatine sulfate – the best-known benefit of agmatine sulfate is its positive effect on the amount of nitric oxide produced. However, this compound also improves the work of the cardiovascular system, among other things. This means that its intake provides numerous health benefits.

– Lion’s Mane – the characteristic feature of this mushroom is not only its unique appearance but also its properties. The substances contained in it help the body fight stress and, at the same time, support cognitive abilities.

– Alpha-GPC – perceived fatigue can effectively impede concentration during exercise. This is why athletes who perform particularly intensive training should take Alpha-GPC. This is because this compound helps maintain attention even under these unfavourable circumstances.

– Theobromine – contained in cocoa beans, theobromine is a distant cousin of caffeine. However, it also has a stimulating effect and stimulates the nervous system.

– Caffeine anhydrous – the anhydrous form of caffeine remains in the body much longer, providing a more lasting stimulation effect.

– Grape seed extract – Grape seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants. Moreover, such an extract can additionally support the work of the entire circulatory system.

– Pink Himalayan salt – the sodium contained in salt reduces the amount of water lost during exercise. An excellent sodium source is pink Himalayan salt, which is also mineral-rich.

– Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Rhodiola Rosea contains substances that have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Thanks to that, they can reduce the fatigue experienced.

– Caffeine malate – this modified form of caffeine has a much higher level of assimilability. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of its action.

– ElevATP™ – the patented ElevATP™ increases ATP levels in cells. This significantly increases energy and readiness for training.

– CoffeeBerry™ – The patented CoffeeBerry™ supplement is created by isolating active compounds directly from the coffee fruit. For this reason, it works more intensively and effectively than most synthetic supplements. That’s why CoffeeBerry™ will give you energy right before you start exercising!

– AstraGin™ – AstraGin™ is crucial to the effectiveness of your supplementation. This is because it increases the absorption of many different nutrients. Thanks to this, the supplements taken will be absorbed by the body to a greater extent, providing more significant benefits.


Mix one (about 14 g) or two brands (about 28 g) of the product with water and drink about 30 minutes before your workout.