DNA Sports Stim Plus 60 caps


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Our energy for action and the motivation that goes with it can sometimes be fleeting. Sometimes there comes a day when we feel we can move mountains. On another day, we think we have no energy to do anything. Even healthy and very active people can be affected by such energy fluctuations. However, athletes cannot afford to let a simple lack of energy and motivation stop them from training. That is why reaching for additional support on those more difficult days is a good idea. Stim Plus from DNA Sports can provide such support.

Workout buffs know that stimulating compounds can be found in many pre-training supplements. However, they go hand in hand with many other ingredients. Therefore, their supplementation regimen is top-down. The DNA Sports Stim Plus capsules, on the other hand, work entirely differently. This is because their composition is based only on two compounds with stimulating properties. There is nothing else in them. So this is pure stimulation you can count on under absolutely any conditions!

What are these ingredients? The first is anhydrous caffeine. It is now regarded as the more effective form of this compound. There are no secrets in its production. It is simply ordinary caffeine extracted mainly from coffee beans, which then goes through a process that involves stripping it of water. The result is a dry powder that can be conveniently used in capsule form. Importantly, anhydrous caffeine is slightly more concentrated in nature. For this reason, it can provide a more substantial stimulating effect, which will also last longer.

The second ingredient in Stim Plus is a walnut extract. Some may be surprised by its presence, but it has its justification. Well, regarding chemical properties, this type of extract resembles a very popular stimulant, DMHA. It is commonly used by people who claim that standard caffeine does not work on them. DMHA has a powerful stimulating effect and, in this respect, strongly resembles the once-popular DMAA.

Of course, the synergy of these two substances makes the effects of supplementation much more noticeable. This makes DNA Sports Stim Plus capsules an excellent alternative for people who need an extra energy boost before training.


Due to the high potential of the stimulant effect, the manufacturer recommends taking just one capsule of Stim Plus at a time. This supplement should only be accepted on time evening, as it may negatively affect sleep quality.