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Mental Jewels Powder Cognitive Matrix

For a really long time, mental work was reserved only for a narrow circle of specialists. However, we have to admit that over the years, the job market has changed dramatically. Today, more and more employees find employment in corporations and various enterprises. In turn, such structures are dominated by office work and, consequently, by mental effort.

Never before in history have our brains been exposed to so many stimuli. This is mainly due to the development of technology. Broad access to the media and social networks means that we absorb a lot of information from the environment every day. This, combined with the growing popularity of mental work, is becoming a severe problem.

Scientists are increasingly talking about the fact that today’s lifestyle promotes the emergence of new psychosomatic diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), for example, has become such an affliction. People who suffer from CFS/ME experience constant fatigue that cannot be reduced quickly. Admittedly, researchers have not yet been able to determine the cause of this disease. However, there are reports that the problem may lie in today’s lifestyle. Scientists’ suspicions are directed towards an inadequate diet (lacking essential minerals and nutrients) and physical activity.

Mental fatigue may turn out to be a much bigger problem than fatigue resulting from, for example, too intensive physical activity. Currently, more and more people complain about brain fog. Its most characteristic symptom is strong distraction and loss of concentration. Significantly, the recommended methods of dealing with the appearance of brain fog are primarily concerned with lifestyle changes.

Fighting old habits is not easy, but it is definitely worth starting. Developing beneficial patterns will pay off in the future. Fortunately, there are also ways to support the work of our brain daily. One of them involves the use of supplements, which have a beneficial effect on our nervous system. At this point, it is worth looking at a unique product created by the Ambrosia company.

Mental Jewel is a supplement that contains a blend of several substances that support brain function and enhance cognitive abilities. Of course, these substances are well known to all people who are interested in the so-called nootropics. However, their combination turns out to be particularly important in this case. Thanks to it, synergy occurs, which means that the effects of particular compounds complement each other. This, in turn, clearly increases the impact of regular supplementation.

To get to know the advantages of the mentioned preparation a bit better, it is necessary to take a look at its composition. What exactly is contained in each package of Mental Jewels? These are primarily:

Siberian Ginseng Extract – The health-promoting properties of ginseng are known to anyone with a minimal interest in dietary supplements. However, not everyone knows that there are several different varieties of ginseng available on the market. Ambrosia has chosen the Siberian type. What is the reason for this choice? Well, Siberian ginseng has some unique characteristics. Researchers have determined that the substances it contains can increase the so-called adaptogenic of our entire body. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to adapt to new situations. What is more, such a relationship may also reduce stress related to the occurring changes. That is why Siberian ginseng helps treat, e.g., neurosis, anxiety disorders, and mild depression. If you struggle with stress daily, this supplement will certainly come in handy!

Chinese cordyceps extract (standardized to 8% cordyceps acid content) – The Tibetan Plateau is in many ways a unique place on the world map. Its specificity causes that there are unique plant and fungi species in this region, which would be difficult to find anywhere else. One of them is Chinese cordyceps, a mushroom that has been used for thousands of years by the local people. Modern medicine has confirmed its unique properties. It turned out that compounds contained in cordyceps activate cells of the immune system. Thus, our body begins to cope with bacteria and pathogens better. Other studies have also provided evidence for the anti-cancer and anti-viral effects of the compounds contained in cordyceps. However, Ambrosia has pointed out a completely different aspect. Namely, some substances contained in cordyceps have properties resembling the mechanism of action of LSD. Perhaps this is why people taking the described extract mentioned the feeling of a very pronounced mental clarity and ease of thinking. Clearly, cordyceps extract is a much safer alternative than LSD in this regard.

BaCognize™ (Standardized extract of bacopa minor) – Ayurveda is a traditional strand of Indian folk medicine. It is currently attracting a lot of scientific interest. Why? Because researchers have discovered that Hindus have long used herbs and plants that positively affect our health. A great example is a small-leaved bacopa, a plant with extraordinary properties. Research has shown that the compounds it contains can have an invaluable effect on the human nervous system. The main conclusion drawn by the researchers was that the extract from bacopa supports the work of the brain. Over time, researchers also began to mention the positive correlation between taking bacopa and improving cognitive abilities. Moreover, people who use this supplement have also mentioned feeling more clear thinking. Not surprisingly, the properties of bacopa have also caught the interest of supplement manufacturers. Ambrosia has taken advantage of a unique formulation developed based on this plant. BaCognize™ is a patented extract from Bacopa minoris, which is subject to standardization. This refers to a glycoside content of at least 12% in the finished product.

AlphaSize Alpha GPC 50% – Choline, or vitamin B4, plays a vital role in processes related to the nervous system. One of the naturally occurring forms of this substance is Alpha GPC. Scientists have been studying the potential therapeutic properties of this compound for some time. The first reports are optimistic, as taking Alpha GPC improved the mental abilities of stroke patients. The combination can cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver acetylcholine directly to the brain. Thus, the bioavailability of Alpha GPC stands at a very high level. Therefore, it is currently the best supplement for regulating naturally occurring choline levels. Why take care of it? Because choline affects virtually all of our cognitive functions. Without it, we would not be able to function normally. Choline influences, among others, our memory, ability to learn and concentration. Thus, its proper level is absolutely crucial.

Glucuronolactone – glucose is the primary fuel for our brain. Therefore, glucose metabolism takes place very intensively and thus contributes to the formation of other substances. One of these is glucuronolactone, which also occurs naturally in some foods (e.g., grains or red wine). The primary function of glucuronolactone is to support the body in processes related to removing toxins and unnecessary metabolic products. However, this is not its only property. Glucuronolactone has also found application in sports, as it is supposed to improve the body’s exercise capacity. This, in turn, also comes down to reducing the feeling of fatigue. In this regard, it can help both athletes and people who do mental work.

Infienergy™ (caffeine malate with 73% pure caffeine) – there is no stimulant in the world today that can compete with caffeine. This compound found in coffee beans and tea leaves, among others, is taken daily by most people around the world. But Infienergy™ is more than just caffeine. It is made by combining caffeine with malic acid, which is why it is referred to as caffeine malate. This form can be absorbed by our body to a greater extent. Furthermore, studies have shown that malate does not cause the standard fatigue effect when caffeine is metabolized. So it’s a way to get an instant energy boost without the side effects!

NeuroFactor™ (coffee fruit extract) – ripened coffee fruit contains a lot of beneficial substances. One of them is a compound that has been patented as NeuroFactor™. Studies have shown that it stimulates the production of BDNF protein. Why is this so important? Because BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) is an absolutely key substance for proper brain function. It is what contributes to the formation of new neuronal connections and the maintenance of existing ones. Thus, this form of supplementation will promote the prevention of various neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, higher concentrations of BDNF may provide immediate benefits, such as improved cognitive abilities, better memory, and greater clarity of thought.

SerinAid 50P™ (phosphatidylserine) – the walls of our brain cells contain a great deal of phosphatidylserine, one of the phospholipids. This compound is primarily responsible for regulating the cycle of new cell production and subsequent apoptosis (death). In addition, phosphatidylserine participates in the process of signal transduction between individual cells. Its importance is, therefore, as critical as in the case of the previously described BDNF protein. When it comes to natural ways of increasing phosphatidylserine levels, SerinAid can help. It is a patented form of the synthetic equivalent of this unique compound. The content of phosphatidylserine in such a powder is up to 50%! This type of supplementation is, therefore, a guarantee of increased levels of phosphatidylserine. This, in turn, will be associated with improved cognitive function and a reduction in perceived stress levels.

Huperzia Serrata extract – Huperzia Serrata is a plant found primarily in the Far East. Traditional Chinese medicine is used as a natural treatment for depression and a remedy for fatigue. As research has shown, pitchfork contains a unique alkaloid called huperzine A. This is a compound that prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine. As a result, it supports neuronal function, improves neuronal conduction, and has a neuroprotective effect. In addition, huperzine A helps to combat stress and mood swings. The forkhead extract used contains at least 1% huperzine A.


The producer recommended daily dose of Mental Jewels is approximately 5-6 grams. It can be measured using the teaspoon included in the package.