Muscle Junkie Freak Mass 4kg


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Muscle Junkie Freak Mass 4kg is a perfect gainer that will accelerate our gaining of healthy and clean muscle mass while providing a significant increase in strength.

The product contains:

30 grams of protein, which is the basic building block of our muscles.

Carbohydrates (293 grams) give us energy for heavy training.

Sodium (electrolyte) – regulates the osmotic pressure of body fluids, including blood, and participates in the correct processes of cell membrane permeability, nerve conduction, muscle contractility, and acid-base balance.

Potassium (an electrolyte) – reduces the volume of extracellular fluids, thus helping to control the amount of water in the body.

Calcium (body mineral) – a primary building material for bones and teeth, affects muscle function and hormone secretion.

Magnesium (element) – stabilizes nervous system functions and improves grey cell function.

Phosphorus (element) – participates in energy production, influences the development and functioning of bones, muscles, and the nervous system, and has an essential influence on maintaining the acid-base balance in the body.

L-glycine (an endogenous amino acid) – helps the body regulate blood sugar levels while eliminating the feeling of hunger and fatigue; it also improves the quality of sleep, aids memory and concentration, and eliminates learning difficulties,

Creatine monohydrate (anabolic supplement) – is responsible for protein synthesis and increases strength and performance.

L-taurine – participates in creatine transport and improves fat metabolism.


A serving of the product is 7 rounded measures, which is 350g of the product.