5% Nutrition Knock The Carb Out – Legendary Series 10 Bars


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Chocolate Brownie BarChocolate Chip Cookie DoughPeanut Butter Chocolate Chip

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Most low-carb bars you’ll find in stores today lack flavour, texture, and quality ingredients. That’s why 5% Nutrition created Knock The Carb Out Bars! Fans of “KTCO” Bars have natural, whole-food ingredients like egg whites, bovine collagen and almond protein. Each bar contains 18g of high bioavailable egg white protein per bar. Egg white protein digests more slowly than the cheaper and more common whey protein. That means you can enjoy a KTCO bar and be confident that your protein needs will be met for several hours.

Did we mention that they also taste delicious?! Just one bite, and you’ll agree!

Better still, our KTCO bars contain ZERO processed foods or ingredients. As a result, they remain keto-friendly and excellent for a convenient and portable decadent-tasting treat. Enjoy one any time of the day!

Chocolate Brownie: Talk about a new flavour that’ll knock your socks off! Tantalizing Chocolate Brownie! You’ll be transported back to your mom’s kitchen with a flavour reminiscent of her fresh, warm, mouth-watering brownies. Who would have thought you could eat such a delectable protein-packed brownie bar while remaining Keto friendly?

This new flavour contains 6g net carbs, healthy fats, and 20g protein. Plus, there’s 16g of fibre to help you fight off the empty stomach and hunger. These bars are made using whole food ingredients so you won’t find any artificial ingredients.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: This decadent flavour contains just 4g of net carbs. There are 19g of healthy fats and 18g of protein. With 14g of fibre, you’ll feel full and satisfied for hours. These bars are made using whole-food ingredients like egg whites, cocoa butter and sugar-free chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: This popular flavour contains just 5g of net carbs, 18g of healthy fats, 20g of protein, and 14g of fibre. They are made using whole-food ingredients such as peanuts, egg whites, coconut oil and sugar-free chocolate chips.