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Jack3d old DMAA version vs Jack3d DMAA + DMHA version.

When exploring the realm of potent pre-workout supplements, the name “Jack3d” often surfaces as a product that has significantly impacted the fitness community. Jack3d has been synonymous with intense energy and focus since its initial release. In this article, we will compare the original formula of Jack3d, known for containing DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine), with the newer version that includes both DMAA and DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane).


The Original Jack3d Formula with DMAA

The original Jack3d formula gained a cult following for its ability to provide users with explosive energy, razor-sharp focus, and substantial pre-workout motivation. The inclusion of DMAA, a powerful stimulant, was primarily responsible for these effects. Users reported unprecedented levels of concentration and stamina, which allowed them to push their workouts to new heights.


  • Intense energy boost
  • Increased focus and alertness
  • Enhanced athletic performance


  • Potential for adverse cardiovascular effects
  • High risk of overstimulation and subsequent crash
  • Banned by several sports organizations and regulatory agencies

The New Jack3d Formula with DMAA + DMHA

In response to the controversies surrounding DMAA, including regulatory scrutiny and health concerns, the manufacturers of Jack3d released a new version of the supplement. This revised formula includes DMHA, a stimulant structurally similar to DMAA but touted for its cleaner energy lift and reduced crash effects.


  • Sustained energy levels without the sharp spikes associated with DMAA
  • Smooth onset of action, leading to a more manageable workout experience
  • Less likelihood of a crash post-workout, making recovery easier


  • DMHA is still a relatively new compound, and its long-term effects are not well-known
  • It remains on the watch list of many sports organizations and regulatory bodies
  • Some users may still experience side effects similar to those associated with DMAA

Side-by-Side Comparison

Energy and Focus:

Both versions of Jack3d are effective in increasing energy and focus. However, the newer formula aims to provide a more sustained energy release, reducing the risk of jitters and crashes.

Safety Profile:

DMAA has been linked to several serious adverse effects, which led to its ban in many countries. While DMHA is considered a safer alternative, it is essential to approach its use cautiously due to the lack of extensive research on its long-term effects.

Regulatory Status:

Both DMAA and DMHA have faced regulatory challenges. While DMAA has been banned outright in many regions, DMHA is still available but is often scrutinized by regulatory authorities.

User Experience:

Some users may prefer the intense and immediate rush the original Jack3d formula provides. Others may favour the new formula for its smoother and more prolonged effect, facilitating longer and potentially more productive workouts.


In conclusion, while the new Jack3d formula with DMAA and DMHA may respond to the regulatory and safety concerns associated with the original formula, it is not free from scrutiny. Users should carefully consider their health and regulatory implications before using either version. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any supplement, especially those containing powerful stimulants.

The evolution of Jack3d reflects a broader trend in the supplement industry towards more sustainable and health-conscious formulations. Whether this trend will continue is yet to be seen, but for now, Jack3d remains a significant player in pre-workout supplements.

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